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User Info: Diabolico81

4 years ago#1
Hoping someone can help me. New to Zelda and only have OoT, TP, and SS. Was hoping someone can help me by saying what is the newest system each of the Zelda games is available on. I know that the original is on 3DS and WW is coming to Wii U but that's it.

User Info: Gaming Freak

Gaming Freak
4 years ago#2
First three Can be found on Wii Vc. believe la on 3dsVc
oot/mm on Wii vc, oot also remade on 3ds.oracles I don't think on anything so newest thing that will play them is gba.
MC is gba also. then two on regular DS. Ph and St. if you dunno abbreviation. do some research. on phone too lazy to type everything
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User Info: pokemega32

4 years ago#3
The Legend of Zelda - Wii/3DS Virtual Console
The Adventure of Link - Wii/3DS Virtual Console
A Link to the Past - Wii Virtual Console
Link's Awakening - 3DS Virtual Console
Ocarina of Time - 3DS
Majora's Mask - Wii Virtual Console
Oracle of Seasons - Game Boy Color
Oracle of Ages - Game Boy Color
Four Swords - DSi/3DS Download (no longer available) / Game Boy Advance
The Wind Waker - GameCube / Wii U (to be released)
Four Swords Adventures - GameCube
The Minish Cap - 3DS Download (Ambassadors only) / Game Boy Advance
Twilight Princess - Wii
Phantom Hourglass - DS
Spirit Tracks - DS
Skyward Sword - Wii
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User Info: MooglePeru

4 years ago#4
Every Zelda sans the DS ones can be played on a Wii (and by extension on a Wii U) with the adequate tools.
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