making link a woman would betray the character

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  3. making link a woman would betray the character

User Info: WrathSairou

3 years ago#161
GigerSupreme posted...
vazurahan posted...
GigerSupreme posted...
over the years, the character of Link has been subtly developed and has taken some kind of shape. making him a female suddenly is blatant pandering and is a betrayal to the heart of his character.

im not against a female protag in a zelda game, but if it must be done it would be best if they started from scratch with a new character altogether. (or make it a zelda centric game)

i mean, it would be like if Samus was re-imagined as a man. Gordon Freeman, made into a woman, or making Donkey Kong a female.

its betrayal.

Don't worry. And you don't have to argue with anyone with this anymore. The one on the trailer is Link and is male.

im not worried. i know Link will be a guy as always and nintendo isnt one to lower themselves to blatant pandering.

with this topic i was hoping to illustrate why the idea of female Link is stupid and betrayal to his character.

They changed him from left to right handed. That was blatant pandering.
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Gandalf the Istari 3 years ago#162
There have been like a bunch of different links. He's barely even a character - more like a design.
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User Info: VoidArgument

3 years ago#163
this is basically what i'm thinking.

User Info: zeroroute

3 years ago#164
Link is pretty much a psuedo-bishonen
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User Info: MumboJ

3 years ago#165
The only defining traits any of the Links really have are that they're plucky/serious (depends on the game) young men who are unquestionably brave and save the world from evil.

How would a genderswap invalidate those few qualities?

If anything, it would undermine Zelda. I mean, she's already female. To make the protagonist in the new game female, and not use a series which bears her name? Going out of the way to genderswap the male protagonist rather than use the already available eponymous princess?

It'd basically be saying that Zelda herself is irrelevant.
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User Info: BrokenChaos666

3 years ago#166
If we get a female character to play in a Zelda game I would hope it's actually Princess Zelda. Link doesn't ever need to be female. They have a female with loads of potential for fun and new gameplay.

User Info: Mercilus_One

3 years ago#167
If I were to see Link as woman, I'd like to see a hot cosplay girl as Link.

As protagonist in a game, I think they should switch roles. Zelda the heroine & Link the prince or even a heretic that needs to be saved. I think that'll be cool but when we're playing as Zelda a lot of the physical attributes won't be the same. She might have to be more than, WAY more than what she was in Brawl because it's clearly obvious why. And what about Shiek? Just throwing that in there. Anyway, I can go along with this as long as it's pointed in the right direction.
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User Info: lowuw

3 years ago#168
Why do people want Link to be female? He's been a male character from the beginning. Would you want Nintendo to make Rosalina male?

User Info: Our_grave

3 years ago#169
MumboJ posted...
How would a genderswap invalidate those few qualities?

They are typical male qualities.

User Info: zonobia

3 years ago#170
lowuw posted...
Why do people want Link to be female?

It's a small minority that are being very vocal after seeing the new trailer. Most people DON'T want Link to be female.
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