What was your most forgettable zelda game

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User Info: Prismsblade

3 years ago#1
Skyward sword was mine played and beat it not long after release, despite being one of the more recent zelda games I can't barely remember a thing about it. Not the bosses nor the items, only the plot seems.to be what stuck out the most, that and the annoying side quest, and fi in general.
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User Info: Hirokey123

3 years ago#2
Phantom Hourglass the only thing that I'd say isn't memorable to me the only thing I remember about it is the vague existence of the ocean king temple which was god awful.

Skyward Sword is actually one of the most memorable to me I don't think any Zelda game has had as many cool ideas and set pieces as skyward sword. Especially the sandship stuff almost nothing in Zelda is as memorable to me as the quest for the second goddess flame.
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User Info: HatchetHound

3 years ago#3
Phantom Hourglass.
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User Info: BetrayedTangy

3 years ago#4
Either Phantom Hourglass or Twilight Princess, both were really boring to me and I barely remember either of them.
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User Info: Groosetastic

3 years ago#5
Four Swords adventures.
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User Info: paco1995

3 years ago#6
Minish Cap.
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User Info: DarkChozoGhost

3 years ago#7
Phantom Hourglass or Link's Awakening. One of the side games.
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User Info: AngeloD629

3 years ago#8
TP, didn't hate it, just don't remember it
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User Info: DaAppleMan

3 years ago#9
I forget...
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User Info: Faliz18

3 years ago#10
SS is memorable for how bad it is; phantom hourglass is just endless mediocrity.
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  3. What was your most forgettable zelda game

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