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Ex Revali's song "Peak..Adorn" no ringsGennifeur41/4 7:07PM
Problems with this game so far...
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Unboll181/4 4:20PM
better to pay the season pass early or doesn't matter?hamstergeval51/1 8:55AM
After beating the game does it automatically save over your manual save file?Cheth7312/30 8:25AM
Help for finding the ballad trialsswfc_dan312/28 4:38PM
So is Champion's Ballad an actual story DLC or just shrines?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
dreamsteel1312/28 6:44AM
Rugged rhino beetles?rmcin329312/26 11:06AM
How many hearts and stamina should I have when fighting the first divine beast?galfasanta1111512/24 6:35AM
Do any of the enemies level up in this game as you level up your gear?Anutha One312/21 9:37PM
How many Gigs or Megs of memory does every piece of DLC take up together?ShinCougar412/21 2:24PM
How come you don't earn a medal for killing all the Lynels?levyjl1988812/19 9:53AM
Are you only able to hold four fairies in your inventory at any given time?Anutha One312/18 6:18PM
Is there any meal you can cook that temporarily increases your stamina wheel?Anutha One212/18 2:04PM
I deleted my near-100% game save for the bike and now Xenoblade quest dosnt showlvalice312/17 4:17PM
My Many Impressions of the Rito Championwhisperstar13912/17 2:50PM
This game is good! But the lack of dungeons...
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
KT-11212/17 4:38AM
How soon can Champion's Ballad be started?Silverhaze2525312/17 4:11AM
DLC 2: So what exactly are we supposed to be doing?swfc_dan812/17 4:00AM
Ballad of the Champions final divine beast reward.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
WightKnigjht1212/17 3:52AM
My hunt for the best solid pink horse.ceresbane312/16 10:54PM
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