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Best Place to Farm Ironshrooms anyone?Hypersonickid13/5 3:52AM
Bandits treasure quest?Kokiburi63/5 3:43AM
Where is the woman who wants 10 flint in gerudo desert?bullfrogish33/5 3:33AM
I really have to thank that tower... it taught me something.hanautaBOB13/5 3:23AM
Myahm Agana Shrine: any more parts of this game that are this awful?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Zazcallabah173/5 2:56AM
Thinking about getting a Wii U for game, have questions.Dtok73/5 2:47AM
can npcs be killed by monsters?rmcin32943/5 2:34AM
Just want to be sure about that Sheik Amiibos BonushanautaBOB33/5 2:32AM
Second dungeon locating help? (Goron city?)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Icarus2020133/5 2:11AM
Can you get Epona and Wolf Link in game? Or do you NEED amiibo?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
bullfrogish173/5 1:40AM
Digital Foundry analysis WiiU vs Switch(Docked)MindwalkerX83/5 1:37AM
Damn, I'm already stuck in that watery dungeon. What to do? (Spoilers)JepMZ23/5 1:30AM
Forest Couple QuestCyanicKnight13/5 1:05AM
Is there more to the game than just becoming powerful enough to beat spoilers?RykoLibre53/5 12:46AM
Why is this game hard?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
RykoLibre173/5 12:36AM
when can you actually start fighting the boss monsters?killer687313/5 12:34AM
Side-quest help? (The Royal Guards Gear)NR00163/5 12:16AM
Do I need the Wolf Link Amiibo every time?Aenisha33/5 12:05AM
Don't Step on the flowers!Nathbuds12363/5 12:00AM
Is the lack of enemy variety a big or a minor problem?tomexofguardia23/4 11:56PM
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