Where do you think this game takes place on the timeline?

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  3. Where do you think this game takes place on the timeline?

User Info: acrylick42

6 years ago#11
It occurs simultaneously with Ocarina of Time in different dimensions. The battle with that Spider occurs at the exact same time as the battle with Gohma in the Deku Tree. Any other fights with spiders also occur at the same point in time in an alternate dimension.

User Info: Doggybones

6 years ago#12
My guess is a prequel to Twilight Princess.Seeing Link wearing the same clothes and the armogogma battle who might take place in the temple in time that later became the ruins seen in Twilight princess.Minus the small differences.

User Info: 4evermario1

6 years ago#13
Many years before Ocarina of Time, I assume. Maybe even before Skyward Sword, seeing as this series keeps going backward and backward.

User Info: Adrastia

6 years ago#14
gamerTai posted...
BadDecisions posted...
There definitely was a spider. Worth looking into.
Were there spiders in other Zelda games? I don't recall any, so it's either the very start or the very end.

Yeah no I'm pretty sure this game invented spiders. Obviously it will take place in the very beginning of the timeline and the plot will revolve around Link killing every spider ever.

Spiders invented the universe. Therefore this game takes place at the beginning of the universe. Which is before OoT but after Twilight Princess. But in between Wind Waker and The Faces of Evil.

Remember when Link says "Wow, what are all those heads?"
Those heads are the faces of evil. The spider created those heads when it created the universe.

The true Zelda timeline is finally clear.
The gate to tomorrow is not the light of heaven, but the darkness of the depths of the earth...... - Vincent FF7

User Info: Charizard_Power

6 years ago#15
This game is indeed in the beginning--it's clear Biblical allegory.

You see, you do not play as Link--you play as the spider. This is why we are not able to control Link; players of the demo did not realize which character they were supposed to control, and thus assumed it was simply an interactive video.

The allegory:

In the Beginning, there was The Spider (represented here by shadows across the window; The Spider stands Above and Outside of his Creation, only manifesting himself inside of it after it has become complete, signified by the entrance of Link the Anti-Spider), and The Spider said, "Let there be light!" and then there was light. And then the Spider said, "Let there be darkness!" and there was darkness.
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User Info: avataR_Keyblade

6 years ago#16
During a dream of Twilight Princess Link. Obviously, that battle with the spider really shook him up.
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  3. Where do you think this game takes place on the timeline?

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