The new wii U is using next gen hardware and it's easy to see.

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  3. The new wii U is using next gen hardware and it's easy to see.

User Info: TheTTLegend

6 years ago#1
Developers who said that the graphics are around 360 and ps3 power were simply seeing ports of ps3 and 360 games on the Wii U. The ones who said it was significantly more powerful than the 360 and ps3 were seeing full fledged wii U games like the tech demo of Zelda.

Lol at people who honestly think the wii U is slightly more powerful than the 360 and ps3. One look at that video points to a much more powerful console, a console that's a generation ahead of 360 and ps3. The wii U is easily dx 11 just from looking at that zelda video alone. Nintendo has said that when it comes to power the Wii U will not suffer. When the ps4 and new xbox come out they won't be leagues ahead like most people think. The wii U will be like the ps2 of next gen but it will still hold it's own. The important thing is that it has the power to compete and it won't be making the same mistake of the wii which was last gen hardware competing against next gen hardware. All 3 next gen console will all be next gen but some will be using higher cards of next gen but they won't be generational gaps.

User Info: erksage

6 years ago#2
I always feel like Nintendo's systems exemplify colors the best. I don't know how to explain it, but no matter how realistic the other system could go, I always love the color in Nintendo games. :P
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User Info: smashmaster1111

6 years ago#4
New tomb raider looked equally as good as that IMO
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User Info: kirkinout

6 years ago#5
So yeah 1080p means 1080p.
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User Info: Foxhound768

6 years ago#6
The Wii U is easily DirectX 11 which is owned by Microsoft and I determined this by looking at a tech demo that doesn't look graphically beyond everything else unless I've only been playing the Wii for the past 5 years.
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User Info: Tottentanz

6 years ago#7
The current graphics being demoed is not the point of Nintendo's presentation at E3; they were showing off the new controller and not Wii-U. If Wii-U was done, they would have shown that off with pride and brought out full on games to try instead of demos to illustrate the possibilities of the controller.

Their entire show hinged around the controller and only the people dinking around in the demos brought up the improved graphics which are being put out by a mystery machine that cannot be confirmed as a complete console yet.

There is over a year before its release, and the Wii-U is not even complete and certain people are trying to attest that the graphics are just what the other consoles are putting out right now. What I can say for certain is that I agree with the President of Nintendo in America that the graphics will depend on the developers and how well they put together a game for the system; not every game looks as good as God of War 3 on the PSWii, I mean PS3, simply because not every developer is going to go to such lengths to make a button masher like that.

User Info: IcyBlaze_XZ

6 years ago#8
That's cute how you're using a tech demo to talk about how real games will look.

Just look at the Naked sample tech demo for 3DS and compare it to the screenshots of how the game really looks on the 3DS.

edit: or in other words, no gamecube game really has this kind of dynamic lighting.
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  3. The new wii U is using next gen hardware and it's easy to see.

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