so is gonna be 599 USA ?

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User Info: shiva9999

6 years ago#1
FOR the system and 60$+ whoop up now cause is HD 1080 ?
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User Info: Slyk90

6 years ago#2
Most likely, especially if its controller has a screen. I sure as hell won't pay $600 dollars for a system that does what ps3/360 has been doing for years. Let's not act like The new Wii games will be produced in some sort of miraculous quality often. Chances are they will just look the same as ps3/360.

How many companies would be willing to make the best version the Wii version , then port to the rest? Not many. How many third party companies make high quality games that push a system to its limits? almost none.

This is mostly assumption using the trend of systems past and just how gaming corporations work. I'd imagine the only people willing to pay $600 for this at release are kids who beg and beg their parents for it, rich people, or techies who HAVE to have everything right when it's released.

I just really don't see Developers willing to make exclusives for the Wii U that would look better than on anything else.

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User Info: Moondoggie35

6 years ago#4
it might be less, you never know, this tech although better then ps3 and 360, is still comparable, and is much less expensive to produce then it was then the above mentioned first came out.
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User Info: mumu2211

6 years ago#5
I highly doubt it would ever be more than $400, and I think its much more likely to be $300 at launch.

User Info: illbzo1

6 years ago#6
Nintendo will learn from Sony's mistake with the PS3 launch. I doubt it'll be more than $399 when it comes out.

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