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User Info: 67burnt_fish

5 years ago#1
Is there any concrete list of "things" you can do if you just have an individual piece of the triforce? I understand the whole one wish deal with the entire triforce, but what do the individual pieces do that makes Link, Zelda (well she gets magic 'n stuff), and Ganondorf that much more powerful than anyone else?
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User Info: iKhanic

5 years ago#2
Because Wisdom and Courage are both abstract concepts, Link and Zelda sort of got shafted

User Info: kamikazetomato

5 years ago#3
For a while the dynamic seemed to be:

Power - grants immortality/invulnerability, with the caveat that
Courage - has the ability to check a holder of the Triforce of Power by wielding particular weaponry.
Wisdom - perhaps enhanced wisdom, perhaps granted certain magical properties (Zelda can lift things psychically at the end of OoT, etc), it's never really addressed.

However, after playing Skyward Sword, it seems to me that the pieces themselves don't do anything but represent roles. Ganon's power comes not from the Triforce piece, but from Demise, who was sealed in the Master Sword and uses Ganondorf as a vessel for his next incarnation when he gets near said sword in OoT. Link's ability to check him isn't based on the Triforce of Courage's abilities, but rather the spirit of a hero innate within him, which is exemplified by this triforce piece. Wisdom, which was shaky from the get-go in terms of granting abilities, is a mark of the blood of Hylia.

It's up to your own interpretation, but it's generally one of the two I've listed. I personally go with the latter, but whatever.
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User Info: OoT_Expert

5 years ago#4
Really insightful and it makes sense. You're latter reason(s) are the best I've ever heard.
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