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Ultimate Zelda Riddles Returns Episode 17: Argorok

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User Info: Silfalas

5 years ago#1
(Credit goes to AtmaX)

First, THERE'S ONLY. ONE. RIDDLE. AT. A. TIME. Yeah, we know, you don't want to wait to use that great riddle you've got, but you have to earn the right to post it. Get the riddle right, and you get the floor, and are free to post your riddle, as long as it follows the rest of the rules. If the riddler who has the floor is going to be away for a while or something, and gives permission to post a filler riddle, then feel free, but remember that it's just that: filler. When they return, your riddle (assuming it hasn't been solved) is null.

Regarding your riddle, it needs to meet a few specifications. First, it can be anything: a person, enemy, object, whatever. As long as you can write a riddle that has enough detail we could feasibly get it, it's okay. Second, you have to state what game you're talking about. No, it is not fun for us to guess between the 15 or so games in the series to find that one little detail you were thinking of from MM, as hard as that is to believe. Finally, try to make it rhyme. It doesn't have to, but it's good form, and it shouldn't be that difficult to throw in a rhyme or two.

If you guess correctly and get the floor, then you've got a new section of rules to deal with. First, you've got two days to post a riddle after you get the floor. If you're not going to post one, then say so as soon as you can so we can open it up to anyone. More often than not, if you take too long, filler will pop up, but the floor's still yours for two days from the minute your answer is confirmed as correct. Second, you have to respond to guesses at least once every 24 hours. Seriously, it takes like five minutes at most to come on here and say "Nope, no one's right yet." You can do that at least once a day. Finally, if someone posts something that answers your riddle, you can't disprove it, and the board approves of it, then you have to take that as the answer, no questions asked. You can tell us what you were actually looking for, and then we can move on.

So that's all the rules, these are just a few suggestions for writing your riddle.

- Read over your riddle a few times before you post it. Does it require any huge leaps of logic to answer? What makes sense to you, may be absolute bogus to us, so try and keep things logical.

- There should only be one answer to your riddle. If it's well written, it should have no other answers other than the one you're thinking of, which also prevents us from having to invoke rule 7, a win-win situation for us all.

- Have a few hints ready. Sometimes your riddle is a lot harder than you thought it was. Maybe you intentionally made it hard. Either way, have some ready just in case.
tl;dr Section: (Credit goes to AtmaX)

1. The object can be anything from items, to people, to enemies, whatever
2. Say what game you are talking about. (Read the second post for rules about this)
3. If you got the correct answer, you have to post a new riddle in a maximum of 2 days otherwise someone can create his own riddle and post it.
4. If you can't think of a riddle say it as soon as you can so somebody else can take over.
5. Try to make it rhyme (but it doesn't have to)
6. You must respond to guesses at least once every 24 hours. If you fail to update, your riddle will be thrown out and the floor will be open to anyone.
7. If someone makes a guess, and they can justify it as correct, with the board's approval, you have to accept it as the answer, even if it's not what you were looking for.

I: You can only post three guesses per post. Has to be approved or denied before you can guess more. (Nominated by Silfalas, approved in Episode 7.)
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User Info: Silfalas

5 years ago#2
Current riddle by Zion426


I have what the hero can never have,
All must go through me before the world can be saved,
I surround the very forces of nature,
In the forefront of everyone's mind, I am second of all.

What am I?

Wrong guesses:
-Gem in possessed Nabooru's armor

Unanswered guesses
Silfalas: "The chamber of the sages platform? The Master sword pedestal? The structure that holds the 3 spiritual stones?"
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User Info: Zion426

5 years ago#3
Well, all right, then.

To start, no, no, and no.

Also, I'd like to nominate an amendment that says the user selected to make the next episode has 24 hours from the time the previous topic closes to do so. After that point, anyone can do it. Yea, nay? It's just so that confusion can be avoided if this ever happens again.

Also also, it could be a shorter amount of time. Just let me know what you guys think.
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User Info: Silfalas

5 years ago#4
Well, making the episodes isn't such a big deal but I have nothing against that rule. Since we always agree who gets to make the next episode several pages before the topic closure I think there should be much less than 24 hs. We never had this kind of problem before anyway.
If you guys think this is a good idea it will have my support.
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User Info: iKhanic

5 years ago#5
I'm gonna go really broad here.

Hyrule Field?
Castle Town?
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User Info: kratos9797

5 years ago#6
I'm just gonna go with a random guess here and say Time.
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User Info: Gaming Freak

Gaming Freak
5 years ago#7
the Orcarina of Time?

the hero Can never have it cause Zelda took it back. . (remembers Mm)

nevermind. .. uhn..
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User Info: cwg403

5 years ago#8
look at the clocks has all the clues you'll ever need.

User Info: Silfalas

5 years ago#9
I'm gonna guess Kokiri emerald. After that I'll put some serious thought lol
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User Info: Symphonic_Sage

5 years ago#10
gonna go with the long red carpet before ganondorf (there is a carpet, right...?)
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