Goma Orak in this game?

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User Info: DekuFireMage

4 years ago#11
NavidsonRecord posted...
Why did ketchup quit? He was very intelligent.

He was only on here, 'cause he had no friends or any social interaction where he lived, then he moved and got a job with things to do. Or at least thats what he said.
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User Info: NameNotKnown

4 years ago#12
Goma Orak has since retired.

User Info: GamerTai

4 years ago#13
NavidsonRecord posted...
Why did ketchup quit? He was very intelligent.

Do you know how it feels to be the only intelligent person on a board full of...this?
Not good.
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User Info: NavidsonRecord

4 years ago#14
I regret not taking him more seriously. He made amazing points and had great ideas. But to be honest, I just like dicking around with all my posts. I mean, I'm not the smartest guy around, but looking back, I wish I wouldn't have been such an idiot all the time. But now that I'm back, everyone else is gone....
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