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User Info: pokemega32

5 years ago#1
I just figured there should be a topic that collects opinions on each game by as many people as possible.

Please give your opinion on every Zelda game you have played.
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User Info: iKhanic

5 years ago#2
I'll do the 3D zeldas

Ocarina of Time: Good game, but not the greatest game ever
Wind Waker: Great game, except for the triforce quest. Mostly for the same reasons I like Twilight Princess,
Twilight Princess: Greatest Zelda of them all. It just has great characters, great atmosphere, and great dungeons
Skyward Sword: Its a good game, but its the worst 3D zelda game by far. Easy puzzles, repetition, and occasionally frustrating implementation of motion controls hold it back
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User Info: Zion426

5 years ago#3
OoT: Only played the remake, really didn't see what all the buzz was about. I liked it, and I'm sure it was a revolutionary game in it's time, but nowadays I think it's just decent.

WW: Favorite 3D Zelda, loved the expansive, seamless world, the game length was appropriate (I didn't actually mind the Triforce quest), and I loved being able to steal enemies' weapons.

TP: Very good game, liked the art style, swordplay/special moves, but overall, it was way too easy. Also loved the Temple of Time.

SS: Great game. Absolutely loved the sword controls, final boss (especially the fights leading up to him), and story, plus the timeshift mechanic and the entire Lanayru area was just stellar. Could have used a bigger hub world/more towns, and the surface could have been connected, but overall I had a lot of fun with it.

And as a side note, I think ALttP is the absolute culmination of all that is Zelda. Not everyone might agree, but I think it's an absolutely flawless game. Finally, although they weren't great, I didn't find the DS games as bad as a lot of people say they are.
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User Info: Tempest717

5 years ago#4
LoZ: Can't really stand it, it's pretty outdated. Ask someone who played it at or near release.
AoL: Still pretty fun and different.
ALttP: It's ok, makes a good base for the other 2D Zelda's but they've all surpassed it in some way.
LA: Amazing and touching story, great dungeons and music, best handheld Zelda imo
OoT: Pretty much the same as ALttP, it's good, solidly built and polished, but the others have since surpassed it. (note both ALttP and OoT were amazing at the time of release and all that)
MM: Great sidequests, fair story, amazing NPCs, music and mood. But it's brought down by its short main quest.
Oracles: Haven't played them to the finish unfortunately, computer problems both times I got halfway through =\
FS: It's ok, fun with friends but short and far outclassed by MC.
WW: Amazing atmosphere, music, exploration, only downsides would be difficulty and dungeons being slightly lackluster.
FSA: Haven't played this enough to judge either.
MC: Awesome music, one of the best overall OSTs in the series imo, the sidequests are great and the world is really fun. Later dungeons are absolutely amazing. Downsides are not enough dungeons, and the first 3 are only ok.
TP: Ok at best, characters are boring and annoying, the world is pretty much just as empty as WW's ocean, just green and brown and lacking the feel the high seas can give you. Dungeons are bland besides Goron Mines and Arbiters Grounds which are pretty great. OST is really good too.
PH: After hearing so much about how it's completely horrible I played it expecting the worst, so it blew my expectations away completely. If I was to replay it I'd probably rate it as Ok at best however.
ST: Pretty much the same as PH but they made everything much better, dungeons are great and feel new, OST was phenomenal, characters were great and so was the story.
SS: Amazing story and characters, great dungeons, the lower world was great, the sky could have been a lot better though. Music was good but fairly forgettable as it was softer and more atmospheric than previous games. Motion controls for the sword was great, being forced into the swimming and other parts should have been changed though. Overall best 3D Zelda.
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User Info: snae99

5 years ago#5
2D Zelda's

- LoZ: Surprised at how good this game is. I like the music, how big the world is, all the hidden secrets and crazy things that need to be done to head into the next area. Solid game.
- AoL:Extremely hard, but not as bad as people think. Fairly decent game, love the last dungeon and final boss.
- ALttP:Extremely good game, but a bit overrated. I hate the beginning but once you're neck deep in Dark World the game is hard to put down.
- LA:My favorite 2D Zelda. So quirky and unique, great story and setting, great dungeons and bosses, superb soundtrack and overworld and a rather depressing ending. Phenomenal.
- TMC:Good game, but it's the only Zelda that I think gets worse as the game goes on. I really don't like the final boss/final dungeon. The games too short as well.
- FS: My least favorite Zelda game. It's not bad, it's just that it really isn't a full game and doesn't have much depth.

3D Zelda's
-Ocarina of Time: Tied as my favorite video game EVER. There's absolutely nothing I dislike about this game. The best dungeons in the series, fantastic boss fights, great story, music, items, overworld, everything.
-Majora's Mask: Tied with OoT as my favorite video game ever. Really unique game, love the mask mechanics. The game is really atmospheric and dark *flameshield on*. Love the emphasis on sidequests and there are some really interesting and emotional storylines. It also features Stone Tower Temple, my favorite dungeon in the entire series.
-Wind Waker: Best soundtrack in the series and the most heartwarming Zelda game released. Fantastic and huge overworld, extremely fun dungeons and boss fights, and the story/characters are awesome too. Also, Molgera battle. 'Nuff said.
-Twilight Princess: The last 3D Zelda I played. I expected to dislike this after all the unnecessary hate it got, but holy crap what an adventure this game is. Love the graphics and gameplay for this game. The large scale boss battles are so damn epic (i hate the word, but it describes it), the second best dungeons in the series behind OoT, awesome final boss, best companion, and solid soundtrack. My main complaint is that the game is way too easy. Morpheel didn't lay a scratch on me...
-Skyward Sword: My least favorite 3D Zelda BUT still a phenomenal game. The motion controls for the sword are insanely good, but tacking on motion controls for other things was unnecessary. The overworld was meh and so was the final boss( I hate Demise). It has two of the best dungeons in the series, but also some of the worst. I think it has the best Zelda character in the series, and Ghirahim is definitely one of the best villains we've seen.

DS Zelda's
-Phantom Hourglass: Hugely underrated game. I love the continuation of WW Link's story. The dungeons are fun, the boss fights are fun. I don't see what there is to hate about this game. It also has a certain charm no other Zelda game has, I can't describe it. Oh and Linebeck, cool guy.
-Spirit Tracks: This game is too cute :3. Great soundtrack, companion and decent story. Pan flute is a little annoying and some of the dungeons/bosses aren't as good as Phantom Hourglass's but they're still really fun. It retains that charm PH had too.

What a wall of text I've written... No write-ups for the Oracles and Four Swords Adventures cause I haven't played them.
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User Info: PT_Piranha

5 years ago#6
I think they're all good games, well put together, and enjoyable for the most part.

I feel like Phantom Hourglass was the weakest entry in the series, but it can still be fun.

I greatly enjoyed Minish Cap, Ocarina of Time 3D, and Skyward Sword.
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User Info: Nintendoboy77

5 years ago#7
Zelda 1: Great game. I don't see why people say this game has aged poorly. I still have yet to find Dungeon 2, but I love just messing around in the overworld.
Ocarina of Time: A very great game. I definitly think it has the best items/equipment in the series and the second best dungeons in the series. The overall experience is amazing.
Majora's Mask: I've only gotten up to the first temple before I started a long break from the game. But from what I've played, it does seem to have a lot of potential. I highly doubt it will become my favorite 3D Zelda though.
Oracle of Ages/Seasons: I only played this for about 5 minutes and I forget which version had this, but I loved hopping around in that giant kangaroo!
Wind Waker: Definitly my least favorite 3D Zelda, but still a great game. Main things holding the game back are long tedious sailing, triforce quest, emptier dungeons than any of the other 3D zelda games, and that damn fish chart. I however loved Tower of the Gods, Deku Leaf, and for some reason the sword fighting I liked better than OoT, MM, and TP. It just felt really smooth.
Twilight Princess: A very great Zelda game that doesn't deserve the hate it gets. Definitly the best dungeons/overworld in the series. I loved the whole atmosphere of the game and the story was good. And Midna...
Skyward Sword: A very great Zelda game. Gets the most undeserved hate but has the best controls and story in the series IMO (probably gonna get hate for this) and the 3rd best dungeons in Zelda. However, I felt the items were a bit bland. Useful, but I probably won't remember many of them.
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User Info: madapocket

5 years ago#8
Good game, pretty much all of them.
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User Info: Paper_Mario_4

5 years ago#9
That I have played AND beaten:

Oracle of Ages: Amazing game. The overworld and dungeons were great and the bosses were pretty unique. I loved the story and the characters too even though I cannot remember most of them. The exploration was expansive and was definitely a great overall Zelda game.

A Link to the Past: This game did an amazing thing: it took an already incredible Zelda series and brought everything to life. I've beaten it 100% and the game is fun and an adventure that really jump starts and sets up the Zelda series for immortality.

Ocarina of Time: This is the game that immortalized Link and Zelda in the video game world. Words cannot describe how powerful this game is. There are some video games that are just so close to perfect and this is one of them.

Majora's Mask: Another genius addition to the LOZ series. This Zelda game is incredibly deep. The developers really did an unbelievable job with the overworld, story, and especially the characters and their roles in the land of Termina. Like Ocarina of Time, I have not been successful in describing exactly how ingenious this video game is.

Wind Waker: One of the best video games of our generation.

Twilight Princess: The game did not satisfy me as a die-hard Zelda fan but I appreciate the bosses, artistic design and temples, as well as the story and plot. I think those were done the exceptional parts of the game.

Skyward Sword: The game had incredible potential but all fell flat except for the powerful yet short lived story segments and the main characters were strong.

User Info: RageBot

5 years ago#10
I'll do them all:

LoZ: Just like the Beatles, it's decent and it breaks the mold, but it's not the best thing ever.

AoL: Merciless. If I want a challenge, I'll play Castlevania 3, Ninja Gaiden or Ghosts & Goblins.

ALttP: Excellent. Could use a little more variety in the music department, though.

LA: A few secrets to find don't help the lighthearted plot and short story. Not my favorite.

OoT: The story is a masterpiece for the time, and the world is full of little spots to find and ripe for optional exploration. Love it.

MM: Here, it's more about minigames than exploration. Also, hardest 3D Zelda by far.

OoX: Link them to get the full experience. Getting 64 rings can be extremely tedious.

FS: Not worth your time.

TWW: Could have been as good as OoT if it wasn't for the annoying "Triumph Forks". I still like it.

FSA: A decent game, but it's only worth it if you invite friends - and getting three GBA consoles + link cables can be an expensive ordeal.

TMC: A little short, but hey, no GBA games are giants that eat away dozens of hours. Quite innovative, but not the best.

TP: I don't get the hype. The idea of controlling a wolf has been done before - in Okami. I do like getting medicine by scooping Chus, though.

PH: Blech. Horrid controls, sub-par story, stupid mini-games, and the Temple of the Ocean King. Need I say more?

ST: Nice, refreshing story, excellent dungeon design, controls have been improved a lot. But I freaking hate driving the train and all quests that force you to drive it.

SS: Just like TWW, it had a lot of potential in the story, the dungeon design, the bosses, the gameplay, etc. But there is 90% that because of FI and the overworld, it's the worst 3D Zelda for now.
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