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User Info: gameman713

4 years ago#11
The Legend of Zelda: I admit, when I first tried it I hated it at worst or was bored with it at best. This is because I was just going at it blindly. Then I read the original manual and looked at some topics on the LoZ board and they both suggested making maps of the overworld and possibly dungeons. So I tried it. This game became the MOST fun I've had at playing a video game in quite a while. It sounds lame and outdated to make maps, let alone enjoy it, but holy cow did it create an unforgettable experience. Now it's easily one of my favorite games of all time.

Ocarina of Time: This game will always be one of the greatest ever made. Just when I thought it was getting stagnant, I tried the Uber challenge and glitched runs, and it produced even MORE fun. The story, the bosses, the sidequests and minigames, the fishing, and the little things add up to one of the greatest games ever.

Oracle of X: These were actually my first Zelda games. But I haven't played them in such a long time, that I can't actually remember my opinion about them anymore. I'm going to replay them soon, so we'll see how they hold up.

Majora's Mask: My favorite Zelda game of all time. The masks, the sad moments, the scary moments, the utter insanity of the Skull Kid and Majora's Mask. I will never stop loving this game.

Wind Waker: I loved it, then was indifferent, then loved it again. Something about sailing that ocean just makes my day. It's just all about the joy of adventure, and probably is closest to the original LoZ.

Minish Cap: While the story is good and the gameplay is wonderful, it's simply too short. I think the lack of bonuses also hurts it.

Twilight Princess: At first I loved it, now it's my least favorite. I appreciate it, and I certainly don't hate it, but it just isn't very fun for me. At times it would just feel like a chore.

Phantom Hourglass: I knew its reputation, and was actually surprised that it wasn't as bad as I was led to believe. While not amazing by any means, I found it was an enjoyable game.

Skyward Sword: It's average. There isn't anything average about the game, but it's filled with things I either absolutely love or absolutely hate. Which is a shame, because it might've been my favorite with some changes.

AoL, ALttP, LA, and FSA are all on my to-play list, and I'll be getting to them very soon. Along with a re-play of OoX.

User Info: Mp5_drummer

4 years ago#12
LoZ: I haven't played it enough to give a fair opinion, only the first 2 dungeons. I enjoyed what I played, though, although I found combat to be frustrating.
AoL: Again, only the first few dungeons worth of playing, but my god was it tough. I seem to recall quitting because I simply couldn't get through a section on a bridge because there were so many enemies. I intend to revisit this and LoZ now that I'm actually half decent at games and no longer an impatient child.
ALttP: The quintessential implementation of the Zelda formula, along with OoT. One of the best overworlds in the series for sure, and some very good dungeons. I'd like there to be more variety in the themes/appearances of the dungeons, but only if judged by current standards, so that criticism is pretty much invalid.
LA: Never played, currently in the process of acquiring a cartridge on eBay.
OoT: My first Zelda, and probably my second most played. Second favourite OST as well, and probably my favourite dungeons overall in the series. I would probably rate it higher if I hadn't played it so much - I have leave around a year between playthroughs now for it to still be fun.
MM: Tied for my favourite. Incredible atmosphere, interesting and varied overworld, horrifying villains, best sidequests in the series bar none and packed to bursting point with hidden dialogue/easter eggs of sorts. I actually like to play it just to go around and see where people end up/what they say during the final hours.
OoS: A solid game. I really liked the implementation of the animal partners, and how parts of the overworld would change depending on which one you had. The season mechanic was well implemented, I liked how it didn't affect every single screen you went through. That said, I found the overworld a little frustrating to navigate at times, mainly thanks to Subrosia.
OoA: I have purchased a cartridge online and am eagerly waiting to start my playthrough!
FS: Never played, no one I knew ever had it, and I don't have a 3DS.
WW: An excellent game, but one I find tough to replay that often. Once I get into a WW playthrough, I get REALLY into it, but I always get annoyed than I can never finish the figurine collection. The Forsaken Fortress and Triforce hunt also really put me off every time I think about playing it.
FSA: Also never played, unfortunately I am also the only person I know with a GC/GBA link cable.
MC: Second favourite behind my tied number ones. Great OST, some truly brilliant overworld design (favourite in the series), charming characters, amazing use of the shrink mechanic, very cool bosses (Giant Green Chuchu and Giant Octorok were strokes of genius), and the absolute best sidekick in any Zelda game.
TP: Tied favourite with MM, and my most played Zelda. I just never seem to get bored of it. It has my favourite OST by a good margin, my favourite villain (Zant), favourite boss battles, favourite combat in general and some of the best dungeons in the series.
PH: Doesn't deserve the hate it gets. Exploring the sea actually did feel like exploring, some of the dungeons and bosses were actually pretty cool, and I liked the Temple of the Ocean King. Grappling Hook is also amazing.
ST: PH on steroids. Better controls, better "hub" dungeon, very strong OST, nice characters, and an extremely entertaining sidekick.
SS: Somewhat different, but in a good way. It's not my favourite, but I liked the change of vibe. It still feels like Zelda but has its own unique qualities. I had no trouble with the controls, so I could get on with enjoying the excellent dungeons and unique art style. The OST was decent, too. Only thing I had a problem with was the implementation of NPCs and sidequests - the NPC stories all ended far too abruptly for me, I'd rather they left them with no stories at all, than lazily have one or two events THEN leave them saying the same thing for the whole game.

User Info: Astute_Edge

4 years ago#13
OoT > MM > WW > LTTP > OoS > TP > FSA > PH > ST > SS

Too lazy to write a summary of my opinion on each game.

User Info: Someguy_13

4 years ago#14
LoZ: Great for it's time, but has since been out done by every game in the series.

AoL: A criminally underrated game that is really exceptional if you can take the difficulty.

LttP: Fantastic game. But as far as Zelda games go, I put it right in the middle.

LA: Amazing. Just such a good game.

OoT: Possibly the best transition into 3D by any series. Brilliant game.

OoX: It bothers me when people consider these 2 separate games and not one big one. They're missing out if they haven't linked them. Tied for my favorite in the series with Skyward Sword.

MM: A very very good game, but a little over rated these days. It's still a great game, but I don't think it's better than OoT.

Four Swords: Once again a very underrated game. Outdone in every way by the later Four Swords Adventure, but still a super fun experience with friends. Way to short.

WW: Visually, it still holds up today. Sailing got a little bit tedious at times, but it's a great experience to be sailing and see an island loom over the horizon, and get bigger and bigger until you can dock on it. Second best soundtrack in the series.

Minish Cap: Once again a great game. Smallish overworld is made up for by lots to do in it and the shrinking gimmick offering different ways to traverse it.

Four Swords Adventure: The best possible co-op experience. Just a shame it's so hard to get going. Still though, if you can round up 3 other Links it's pure fun.

Twilight Princess: A great game, but my least favorite 3D Zelda. The artstyle is also my least favorite of the 3D Zeldas. Some pretty solid boss fights though. Maybe the best of the 3D Zeldas.

Phantom Hourglass: Second worst in the series after LoZ. Return trips to the Temple of the Ocean King were a mistake, and sailing was even MORE tedious than in Wind Waker, with the added downside of having very few islands to discover and explore.

Spirit Tracks: Fixed every problem with Phantom Hourglass. Surprisingly fantastic game. Has the best soundtrack in the series.

Skyward Sword: Incredible. I was iffy about the motion controls pre launch but they won me over as soon as I got the Sword in my hands. Great artstyle, awesome dungeons and overworlds, amazing atmosphere, and awesome characters and story. It also has the third best soundtrack. Tied for the best with the Oracles.

To rank them:
Zelda II/FSA (full co-op)/WW>
FS (full co-op)/TMC>
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User Info: Silfalas

4 years ago#15
I don't remember much about some games but let's see:

LoZ: what can I say? It's the classic. Innovative and hard. It is a good challenge. The lack of a map adds to the exploration aspect.

AoL: hella hard but very addictive. The formula felt fresh and welcomed a try.

ALttP: just amazing, awesome. All you could want in a Zelda game. Simply that.

LA: a very enjoyable Zelda game. Dungeons are simple save the last two or so. The story and style has something special about it. Memorable.

OoT: I just don't know why but every time I play this game I feel it so enjoyable. The world and the sounds around. Dungeons were good. The last two were kind of straight forward but the Water temple added some difficulty.

MM: story and formula. That's the important part. Gee, what an amazing experience. The darkness of the plot by the Stone tower parts was thrilling. Had amazing dungeons.

OoX: had amazing dungeons. Amazing. Had the difficulty LA lacked. Linking both games was so fun.

FS: yuck.

TWW: the best combat pace in Zelda. It is quick, responsive and you have total control. Too bad it was easy and dungeons were kind of average and easy. Sense of adventure was great in this one. A lovely game. Epic Ganondorf too.

FSA: awesome game. Awesome. To think I never played it with friends. The style is beautiful. formations interesting. Dungeons are sooo fun. Lots of nostalgia.

TMC: short and easy but the style, techniques, items, bosses, MUSIC, was lovely. An enjoyable experience. Vaati is awesome.

TP: techniques were a great addition but it was painfully easy. Great plot and BEST dungeons ever! Great game.

PH: I don't remember much. It was enjoyable. Customizing your ship was cool.

SS: possibly my favorite Zelda. Motion controls were soooo fun. The only flaw I find in this game is the easy dungeons. Oh an also Fi. SO annoying.
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User Info: Mp5_drummer

4 years ago#16
Someguy_13 posted...
Twilight Princess: A great game, but my least favorite 3D Zelda. The artstyle is also my least favorite of the 3D Zeldas. Some pretty solid boss fights though. Maybe the best of the 3D Zelda.

Eh? I'm all for objectivity, but I find it hard to grasp that you'd consider your least favourite to be the best one.
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User Info: MajinKogahazan

4 years ago#18
LoZ - played alot as a kid. It was fun, but now it's outdated. Still good for a playthrough or two every now and then.

AoL - alway the different one, I liked the original more than this one. Now I appreciate its differences, but it's still too hard for me.

aLttP - played it on the GBA, incredibly overrated. It's good and all, but today there's nothing special about it, just a vanilla adventure.

LA - lots of childhood memories. I always loved this style of Zelda and wish there were more like it. The story is kinda sad to me.

OoT - another favorite. It's kind of plain now, but it just does everything so right. Another type of Zelda I wish there were more of.

MM - I love it. Its mood, its world, its characters. If it had more dungeons it would be perfect for me. A good example of gimmicks done right.

OoX - Two games, aww yeah. I hated the Moosh segments though and I wish they ended up making the third game like planned.

FS/A - Fun little spin-offs, too bad I never had enough cartridges/link cables to play four player in either one of them.

WW - a masterpiece. The graphics are still some of the best in video games and the ocean sets a great tone for adventuring. If only none of the dungeons were cut...

MC - Fun but short. Kinstones were a nice idea and shrinking was implemented nicely. Vaati was a nice change of pace too. Needs more dungeons.

TP - Really has an epic tone, but everything feels too spread out. Unlike the other 3D titles, this one is missing a great town, but I'd say it was worth the wait.

PH/ST - touch controls were alright, but I'd prefer nor to have them. The map was an excellent idea, Linebeck was awesome, but the locations felt bland and uninspired. ST needed dungeons.

SS - a dissapointing game by Zelda standards and for waiting 5 years. Fi was annoying, Groose was awesome, overworld and sky sucked, needed more dungeons, sand sea was cool, plot was better than usual, main theme needed to be used more, etc.
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User Info: Someguy_13

4 years ago#19
Mp5_drummer posted...
Someguy_13 posted...
Twilight Princess: A great game, but my least favorite 3D Zelda. The artstyle is also my least favorite of the 3D Zeldas. Some pretty solid boss fights though. Maybe the best of the 3D Zelda.

Eh? I'm all for objectivity, but I find it hard to grasp that you'd consider your least favourite to be the best one.

Just talking about the bosses there. Sorry, I should have made that more clear.
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User Info: NavidsonRecord

4 years ago#20
LoZ: Still enjoy the simplicity, tough as nails/cheap near the end. Reading what inspired the Legend of Zelda series really makes this is game awesome, though. At times I despised the lack of direction, and other times I loved it.

AoL: I've only played this game once, but to be honest, I enjoyed it. I treated it with the same type of thoughts as I do Castlevania, and I ended up having a good time playing this game. Probably my least favorite, not just because it's different but just because of the game itself, and I don't plan on playing it again.

ALttP: Is one of my favorite games of the entire series, tied with Majora's Mask and Oracle of Seasons. I absolutely love this game, and nostalgia is a pretty big factor in that. I'd say my favorite thing is the amount/variety of weapons and items you receive, the dungeons, and Link himself. Some people don't like the dungeons, describing them as annoying mazes. I, however, enjoyed the designs and difficult level that came with it. I like Link's different armors, the blue shirt/yellow hat and the red shirt/purple hat. I think this game breathed "official" life into the series by perfecting the original game. ALttP's formula has been repeated many times, and as much as I am ready for that formula to be broken, I am proud that so much inspiration for the series is brought from my favorite game. I think it is one of the better games for exploration and depth. I could talk about it forever... maybe I'll write a review. Also, loved the boss designs.

LA: I was born in 1992, so encountering this game in my childhood was right up my ally, but I didn't play this game until I was 13. Most people spoke fondly of this game and I sometimes heard people call it challenging. When I played, I enjoyed it, but I was somewhat let down. I never found anything particularly difficult, and some dungeons were a let down. But I love the capcom Zelda games.

OoT: This was the second Zelda game I played, ALttP being the first. I could probably beat this game in a day if I applied myself, and I think it is a fun game to play. In its age, I don't think it should be viewed as the best Zelda game or the best game of all time, but it definitely is significant to the series as Mario 64 was significant to the Mario series. The music is great, and some of the cutscenes are awesome, but it really is overrated. It's also the first game to take the ALttP formula, but yeah. I don't know. I love this game, and I enjoy it everytime I play it. But It's definitely overrated.

OoS/A: I owned Seasons, my sister had Ages. I ended up completing both and linking the story. Holy jesus. I love the Oracle games. But if I talk about them too long, I'll run out of message space. So all I'll say is that I love them.

MM: As of now, it's one of my top faves of the series. I'd say my favorite aspect is simply the progression of the game. How each area is a unique little episode/setpiece in the story. And I know people totally overexagerate it all the time, but I do love the characters, the writing, and the development of both.

FS: Played it once, pretty fun.

WW: I am in love with Wind Waker's character designs and music, but I always lose my effort in my replays when I hit the Triforce segment. Solid game, most badass Link? Yes indeed.

MC: Played it twice. I liked this game a lot, to be honest, but it was too damn easy and the bosses bored me. I loved the sprite design and the layout of Hyrule, but there just wasn't enough to sway me into loving it.

TP: Played it once, replaying soon. I love the design of the bosses, but I'm not so hot on NPC design. Awkward details. Loved Link, loved the items. But I had to force myself to finish it.

PH: Played once....eh. I liked it but I literally forgot about it.

ST: See above, but add awesome music.

SS: Fantastic game, replaying when I have time, then I'll have a more solid opinion.
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