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User Info: knob1701

4 years ago#1
Why not just put this out before Christmas instead of after. Would have been a great gift for my 2 kids who love all the Lego games. Erasing the week after seems pretty stupid. This game would sell like crazy before the holidays.

User Info: ZeroCool000111

4 years ago#2
where did you get this info at?
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User Info: knob1701

4 years ago#3
Release date is Dec 31st on most store sites.

User Info: DrDoomsday

4 years ago#4
I think that's just a place holder that all the games were listed at when all games were announced. Plus that's a Monday games normally release on Tuesdays (special exception Sundays for Nintendo games and systems) so I can't see that being the real release date.
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User Info: BLarkins111

4 years ago#5
I thought that this was a launch game?
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User Info: meiyuki

4 years ago#6
Stores always post place holder dates until the final date is know because their systems require a date.

This site is good about release dates, go to home and click on release data, if it doesn't have an actual date then one doesn't exist. As soon as a release date is given for any game it will appear here very quickly.

User Info: podracer35

4 years ago#7
The best projection I've seen is Target's: December 31st, 2025. I'm almost positive they're correct! We've got a long wait guys!

If you couldn't detect the sarcasm, I'm sorry. haha But seriously, nobody knows yet, which is unfortunate. MY best guess is sometime in the first half of next year, since the pre-order bonus has already been announced by Gamestop. All we can do right now is wait for Nintendo to give us a release date, just like the should with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The wait for these awesome games is unbearable! Bum, bum, buh-da-dum, Ba-dah-dah-dada Iroh man.
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User Info: ZeroCool000111

4 years ago#8

friday march 1, 2013
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User Info: Brownbearbob

4 years ago#9
You know whats odd? Everywhere says this is coming out Q1 2013, but I saw a commercial for it on TV like a week ago. Granted the commercial only said "coming soon," but why would they put commercials out already if it isn't coming out for 'til next year
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User Info: ZeroCool000111

4 years ago#10
on nintendo's website. it used to say launch window. but now it says coming soon.
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