why is nobody excited?

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User Info: retrogamer28

5 years ago#1
sure, there are some here who want the Wii u version, but I've yet to see more than a handful of people who are excited for the 3ds version. so lets use this thread to talk about JUST the 3ds version, at least until the forum picks up and there are version specific posts everywhere.

User Info: lelewow

5 years ago#2
What are the differences between the two.... Besides Graphics?
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User Info: podracer35

5 years ago#3
I just learned that there was a 3DS version of the game today! I can't believe my two most wanted Wii U games, Lego City and Scribblenauts are getting 3DS versions too! It's like Nintendo just wants all my money! I' was going to buy the 3DS games for these, but if there's going to be similar content on the Wii U, I'll likely just hold off on these until I get enough money for the Wii U. No joke, Wii U is shaping up to be an amazing console with so much more potential that the Wii alone!

I've heard this game is slightly different in storyline and has some exclusive features, so I dunno how good this will be in comparison to the Wii U version. I guess it's a matter of waiting for info. :/
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