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User Info: justinbug2

4 years ago#1
does this game Require L or R need to know plz
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User Info: tangela24

4 years ago#2
justinbug2 posted...
does this game Require L or R need to know plz

they turn the camera left and right
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User Info: TheGrinningWolf

4 years ago#3
Not strictly required but useful. When you are moving around, the camera will usually automatically spin to look in the direction you are headed.

I don't think I've come across any scenarios yet where you HAVE TO pan the camera manually.


User Info: packattack

4 years ago#4
Yeah, I played the game and I'm pretty sure you will never NEED to use L or R. The normal camera works fine as it is, so changing it is not a necessity.

User Info: Mactire_404

4 years ago#5
They are not required. As mentioned they rotate the camera left and right.
But I find them very useful driving and walking.

User Info: EgoMouse32

4 years ago#6
I never really touched it other than just fooling around with the camera, so no, its not necessary. I only just recently found out they panned the camera xD

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