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User Info: UC27

4 years ago#1
I like playing with the pro controller during arcade mode. My question is does my game pad have to stay on? Is there a way to shut it down when I'm in single player? Thanks in advance.

User Info: 1338h4x

4 years ago#2
Home, Gamepad settings, display off.
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User Info: dbhomie

4 years ago#3
That doesen't really work as if for some reason the gamepad is turned off by someone the game is also turned off... you can turn the display off the gamepad so it's on the screen only but the image will still be on the game pad... I tend to face the gamepad the otherway and turn its volume down to 0 then after a while it will go off.

Also the setting for the display is default unless you have a hacked save which has it otherwise...
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User Info: UC27

4 years ago#4
Thanks guys.

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