Being created with the casual market in mind

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User Info: CLupula

6 years ago#1
According to Harada, in an article on, he said that the 3DS and WiiU Tekken games are being created with the casual audience in mind, while the PS3/360 ones are for the typical, hardcore Tekken audience.

Not only that, but as more proof that it's on the back burner, he says they haven't even assigned people to start working on it yet.

What about Wii U? Harada laughs, "For Wii U, at the moment, the core members aren't really assigned to that yet. We have a different group outside the Tekken Project within our company that works on advanced technology. So that section is currently evaluating the hardware and the specs, and what would be necessary to create a Tekken on [Wii U]. Once their evaluation and research is done, they'll kick it to us and we'll start laying out the specs for that. But we're not at that point yet."

So, knowing that it will probably be a simplified version of the game (I'm imaging moves being available right on the touch screen, instead of having to memorize inputs), without Harada's full attention, are you still excited for the Wii U Tekken?

User Info: RevOn_DX

6 years ago#2
It'll probly be like Dead or Alive: Dimensions. Meaning it'll have little things that can be ignored. For EX, Dimensions had move commands on the touchscreen but you don't have to use em

But yes, it'll still get em ASAP

EDIT: To be fair, the article assumes that both games are going to be casual. Harada did not say this yet.
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User Info: omegamarth

6 years ago#3
I honestly think that they should instead put the buttons on the touch screen like arcade stick style, for those who want pad/stick hybrids.
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