Hayashi didn't wuss this game down?

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  3. Hayashi didn't wuss this game down?

User Info: HeroicDomoKun

5 years ago#1
On a Nintento console of all consoles, the one console you'd expect the most wussing of a ported game.

He doesn't look high and mighty anymore with his purple mist after his own NG game from the ground up failed. I expected this game to have no dismemberment and enemies bleeding purple mist, but Hayashi isn't getting his way anymore. Now all they need to do is demote his ass and get someone like Itagaki in charge and this series will be saved.

User Info: Nok_Su_Kow

5 years ago#2
He was a muppet giving some bs PR lines on why NG3 was gutted for the "we're sorry" edition. Nothing he says has any merit to me any longer.

User Info: lowuw

5 years ago#3
I'm glad they at least fixed the major problems with this game. Ninja Gaiden 3 on Wii U is looking like its going to be a bad ass game.

User Info: NinjaPwnageRedo

5 years ago#4
Funny thing is if they even had someone like Itagaki on the Team who wasn't afraid to speak his or her mind, this game might have turned out okay for us PS3/360 fans. But in Japanese culture, you're super polite and don't criticize your boss, team members and company, not matter how bad they're making the game.

I'm sure everyone including Hayashi, Team Ninja and IGN interview/previewers knew how bad the game was going to be.

At least Nintendo fans can finally enjoy it as it should have been, even if they had to ruin it for us before they learned their lesson.
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User Info: eurololicon

5 years ago#5
What exactly was so bad about it compared to I and II? The lower difficulty? Something else?

User Info: dybyhands

5 years ago#6
That has been covered pretty heavily on the NG3 PS3/360 boards. But... Pretty much everything. Theres no diversity in gameplay, there is one weapon (even with the 2 DLC weapons they still play just like the sword) there is one ninpo. The difficulty really isn't there, they just up the enemies and grabs. The controls are clunky (to say it nice) there is nothing to do in any of the stages, they are totaly empty. They added a super botched multiplayer element. I could go on, but will save you the time.

NG3 Razors Edge is looking better though.
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  3. Hayashi didn't wuss this game down?

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