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User Info: Hisahide

5 years ago#1
Changeable skins for the weapons, perhaps to fit a theme for the costumes. Be nice to use the plasma saber again, perhaps even have a bone version of the scythe.

User Info: youngbro

5 years ago#2
OMG, the original NG1 for xbox had that one outfit for the plasma saber, i always like it cause it was unique

I dont see why we cant create our own palette like Ninja Blade, that was pretty cool
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User Info: Raeng

5 years ago#3
Creating your own palette really is a personal preference, I always hate that. Give me well designed unlockable costumes any day over making my ninja look like a Pink Camoflage Soldier from Outerspace.
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User Info: youngbro

5 years ago#4

But then again Ninja Blade did add designs on the palettes as well. like tribal and lightning

but yes i do agree Custom made outfits are always better
Darkness is power. Offer your soul or I will Izuna Drop you
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User Info: eurololicon

5 years ago#5
I know what I want: a sexy outfit for Ayane! Don't disappoint me, Team Ninja...
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User Info: DrRM

5 years ago#6
is there a no costume, costume...

I want an untouchable cheat with Ayane xD

the enemies say yes as I jump and kill them and they freeze when they see her :3
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