Anyone else disgusted with how Hayashi does business?

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  3. Anyone else disgusted with how Hayashi does business?

User Info: Nok_Su_Kow

4 years ago#21
ZeroSHEARER posted...
Nok_Su_Kow posted...
ImaPC posted...
Nok_Su_Kow posted...
They announced the enhanced port almost a year before the vanilla game came out. That's pretty dang shady IMO.

Nothing was ever announced. What was said, when asked, was they would possibly consider a Sigma version after NG3 releases.

Razor's Edge was announced E3 2011 as a part of WiiU's launch lineup.

Yes it was announced then. I don't know why I didn't expect it to be a different version. Should have been obvious! :-(

It being called Razor's Edge and then it included dismemberment. And enhanced ports usually are announced at least until after the vanilla has a chance to sell.

User Info: TheCyborgNinja

4 years ago#22
I don't care if he charges $1000 for some lame costumes. As long as paid DLC isn't really necessary, it's irrelevant. What pisses me off is when Capcom withholds 12 fighters from a disc to sell them for $20 months later, or makes you buy an ending for a game, like with Asura's Wrath.
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User Info: RebornLS

4 years ago#23
So here is what I've gathered:
Hiyashi isn't the source of the problem. Its the parent company Tecmo. You can disagree with his design decisions (I do), but he doesn't have the power to deny greenlit projects.

Think of it as your boss telling you to make something for him. Under normal circumstances you dont tell him NO.

Hiyashi doesn't own the IP, and his machiavellianism gives the illusion he is the one guilty milk the franchises he works on.

Maybe he is the japanese version of Bobby Kotick, I just like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

User Info: You_Need_A_Life

4 years ago#24
Hayashi, or any other game director on any game that isn't an independent title for that matter, isn't the one who makes that call. DLC is ordered from higher and Hayashi decides WHAT will comprise the DLC. In DOA's case, he focused on the game he wanted to make, and the DLC he was ordered to produce, ended up being stuff outside of his original vision. So while he COULD have placed old outfits in the game for free, new outfits would be pay-to-play.

A good example of this practice is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. The game did well, the developers never originally intended there to be DLC, and they were suddenly ordered to produce some lickety-split. What they ended up mashing together was $20 worth of poorly conceived gameplay reusing old areas from the game and static drawn screens for FMVs.

I get why you're upset, but you're also forgetting that Hayashi has a boss, and he has a boss too. You make it seem like he's head of Sony's game division.

User Info: YermomHoudini

4 years ago#25
the only thing old in bayonetta is those stupid QTE's and button mashing finishers to break your controllers with.
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User Info: SlumberMind

4 years ago#26
YermomHoudini posted...
the only thing old in bayonetta is those stupid QTE's and button mashing finishers to break your controllers with.

The same things he implemented in NG3 (kunai climb, steel on bone) so I guess we can add hypocrite to the list.

User Info: Nok_Su_Kow

4 years ago#27
They went into NG3 saying there were no QTE sequences. Some apologists twisted them around and called them Real Time Events.

But then here they are advertising Razor's Edge for the PS360 as taking the QTE out. And they were hypocrites the moment they said no one wanted to see decapitations despite announcing a subtitle of Razor's Edge and then revealing dismemberment.

Gah, those apologists back in the day, "Dismemberment is overated" " Purple mist is cooler than the blood".

User Info: Yukinari

4 years ago#28
Bayonetta_ posted...
Dead or Alive 5 Costumes - Full Set are $12.99 and $4.99 for 4 characters each. Keep in mind that All of the DLC costumes are DOA ultimate outfits that should have been in the game.

In total it comes up to $90.93 if you want all of the old costumes (Which should have been in game or free) What is even more frustrating is that if I want an outfit for just Helena and Christie I have to spend 9.98 for a group packs.

Not only do you suffer through the bad story and very cheap A.I but he removed so many costumes out of pure greed.

My theory is that Hayashi train of thought is to make fast easy money plain and simple. He' make the story halfassed with nothing in it ONLY later to charge people insane prices for DLC. Another thing his does is porting like crazy for easy cash. Make a halfass product on 1 console then port it to another with more content. .

That's why I think both NG and DOA games are dead. This guy is strictly business 100%. Devs like Itagaki while they understand business also cared for their games. Hayashi will never make a good game with heart and soul.

i TOTALLY agree you! i hate Hayashi even more now.
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User Info: istuffedsunny

4 years ago#29
This is not Hayashi's doing, this is the higher up's at Tecmo. And if you think this is bad you need to see Idolmaster. Most likely in the next-gen if you buy a game with cute anime girls and are into that sort of thing, you're going to be milked dry with DLC ($60 games will basically cost $150-200). They know an otaku's weak spot.
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