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User Info: V I C I O U S

4 years ago#1
Anyone using a microphone experiencing drop off in communication with group members after a short while or at any point of play? I am a PS3 player interested in the game, and just played the beta for the first time last night for half an hour, but I did not have a chance to check out mic functionality. The thing is I have heard some users on the PS3 forum mention issues with mic communication so I'm really curious how far-reaching it is...

I may have to wait until I hear microphones are fixed because this game is right down my alley, and my friend's, but we will really want that microphone.

Thanks dudes.
"Liking is probably the best form of ownership, and ownership the worst form of liking" - Jose Saramago PSN: Fictomous

User Info: lovelessk

4 years ago#2
Everyone I know on PC has their own or has access to a private mumble, vent, or some kind of personal voip server.

I will never use in game chat because I just don't care what the average player's bong water smells like or what his mother just did.

Same reason I use private parties in XBOX.
Politicians never accuse you of 'greed' for wanting other people's money --- only for wanting to keep your own money." [Joseph Sobran]
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