Hotshot: Desperate Times, please help!

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User Info: KoRnKoB

4 years ago#1
I'm trying to get at least the silver medal for this challenge but I'm having a bit of trouble. I'm stuck using a shotgun which I'm guessing is part of the challenge? If so, are my grenades and special ability being locked also part of the challenge? I only have 3 shots and I can't use my overcharge or my grenades to help get a better score and survive! Is there anything I'm missing for racking up a good score?

I've tried a bunch of times and every time my abilities are locked, all I can do is fire my 3 shots and try and dodge the swarm of Mutant Cleavers.
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User Info: koza

4 years ago#2
That is how other hotshot missions works, unfortunately... plus you can't do a combat roll/dodge, too...

All I can advice is to level your weapon proficiency in the shotgun type weapons, and to equip some shield with fast recharge time.

And then do it over, and over, and over again until you get your silver ;)... I had to replay it like 15 times to get mine... just try to shoot multiple enemies with one shot (it is doable to kill even 3 mutants simultaneously...) And watch for the ones that fire their guns on you...
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User Info: SykoslocosXRZ

4 years ago#3
ok "easy" way to do it and get gold

- when you start look to your left, when countdown finishes walk straight to the side of the building, maybe walk backwards so you can shoot the mutants chasing you
-before you walk past the wall shoot inside to aggro the mutants
-walk past the door an stay there and shoot them as they come out, strafe to avoid getting hit
-when not many come out anymore go inside the door and straight ahead
-DONT walk straight out the hole in the wall but use the door in the corner
-theres tons of them at the back so shoot once and retreat around the corner and
keep shooting them as they come around

also since only 3 shot shotgun try making your shots count. its pretty much always 1 hit kill

this is all good but the most important thing is keeping the combo

you NEED around 10x40 to get 15k for gold
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