the vulge

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User Info: kyle78

4 years ago#1
Man, what is up with these one hit insta-kill guys? They're way too powerful.

User Info: brycemorr

4 years ago#2
Thats why you get in a group and take them on. You better have a really good weapon if plan on doing solo.
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User Info: blazin640

4 years ago#3
I can't find them. Where are they?
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User Info: koza

4 years ago#4
Camp outside of Iron Demon Ranch... They will spawn there eventually...
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User Info: doesntcare

4 years ago#5
They show up on that road by pirates cove. That's where I finished the pursuit.
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User Info: An_D

4 years ago#6
You can find them by driving around. Emergency events don't actually change unless someone completes them, so staying in one place might take a while. Personally, I've ran into quite a few Volge around central Sausalito. Also, San Francisco is packed with Volge emergencies. Good luck.
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User Info: BlazeAndBlade

4 years ago#7
don't bother with cloak they hit to fast so you get one shot and wont re cloak with all the rapid shots

overcharge and decoy work best and nade launchers

the one thing that annoys me is the flash nade never stuns them

I olny wish they kept exploding decoy in the game
Some things are fairly obvious when it's a seven-foot skeleton with a scythe telling you them

User Info: Sleeping Dragon

Sleeping Dragon
4 years ago#8
You want to draw out the Vulge and try to isolate them if you want to solo (decoy helps a lot here). Don't take them head-on, since they will destroy your shield very quickly with their rapid fire.

Also, the elite Vulge has a very easy pattern. When you see his arm glow red and pointing at you, he is going to fire his cannon that will one-shot most people. If you see him glowing blue, it means he is going to charge at you. Both are easily avoided by rolling sideways.

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