Defiance servers are down. Great start Trion.

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User Info: pootertooter

4 years ago#131
Foreman22 posted...
The only people who usually hate me for it though, are abusive people

Do not hate you at all. Disagree, sure. However no posters will ever make me hate them. I have control of my emotions (even through you may think different) and no one has power over me but myself.

Dammit, Foreman. I have an hour left of work and you're starting to become a bit reserved. Where's the polarizing TC that I was enjoying?!

User Info: SSBoKantei

4 years ago#132
Some people did not apply to you, it applies to people who know me in RL. Not sure why you keep honing in on the wrong parts! Again, your completely missing the point. Your reading, but not understanding.

Such as the topic I posted on an earlier page where you go on a rant about character customization, then try to redirect what you meant by character customization, still being completely wrong on all aspects of it, and showing you don't even understand what character customization means.

The fact you have control of yourself, is a shame. You choose to be abusive, while I cannot control abusing abusers. Your right about what you said, no doubt. It's just a damn shame man, a damn shame.

Tl:dr Your an abusive, ignorant, and childish person.

The person already posted the proof that you haven't accomplished what you said you have claimed, and then you ask for more proof and that you will show them if need be. Even in that regard, you simply aren't getting it.

Banners do not equate to skill. Nor do the stats on either of your pages. If your truly an old person, you can't keep up with the kids trust me. Your reaction speed is too slow to keep up with them, that's a fact. As I am getting older, I know I am not going to be able to stay on the front lines or play goalie in NHL 13 soon, as even my reaction speed is slowing down at 30.

User Info: Foreman22

4 years ago#133
Friends N7 rankings.

Sgt Tethras
MSA Zephyrite


I cut it off here. You are correct I do not have the N7 banner. It is the one based on promotions only. I'm on the last section of promoting however. I do have the skilled banners Lone Wolf which you simply refuse to acknowledge. It is the single must skilled banner in the game period.

User Info: Foreman22

4 years ago#134
SSBoKantei sounds to me you are exactly what you claim I am. I just took the high road and told you I do not hate you. How did you response? You hurled your usual insults why trying so very hard to appear above the fray. Nah you actually have my pity not my hate. Trying to right the supposed wrongs of Internet posters? Sounds like extreme feeling of simply being inadequate.

User Info: SSBoKantei

4 years ago#135
And with your gamertag displayed your clearly that guy. We may have raged through the microphone that you weren't on the same page as, and purposely going against the grain at points. But don't act like you didn't take your abuse out, like I said on forums, the next day.

Sorry If that wasn't clear at the time, I am sorry I was on my smart phone at the time, and still am lol.

You kinda sucked man(Not that I even remember anything about the match anymore except we laughed at you). Given enough time, even crappy players can accomplish what the good ones do in days!

Let's not forget, you can easily earn Lone Wolf through glitching, banners do not equal skill. And ME3 Horde mode is a very easy affair, even on Plat mode. Maybe it seem like a challenge at your age though. And it's a team based game, not sure why your being so defensive about your solo skills in a team based game, I feel like you missed the point there also.

Why bring up microphones, or messages via Xboxlive when I never did? Again, the subject was when I checked these forums we said "Oh that guy". Our frustration over your play style, was vented, and you had to complain on forums the next day.

You never brought our gamertags into it, so I stayed out of the conversation, I thought you were being respectful.

You keep missing the point, and grasping at straws to make other people look bad.

Thanks I don't have to dig up posts from so many months ago when Plat was released, nor apologize anymore. So yeah about that massive liar thing...I even gave you the benefit of the doubt that maybe, just maybe that foreman and this foreman were different people, and that I would have giving you an apology.

User Info: YamatoBeats

4 years ago#136
I stopped promoting 4 months into the game. Lone Wolf is definitely NOT skill based, seeing as how most chumps do it with Kroguard vs Geth. I doubt you did it any other way. What pops to me the most is, even after all your time playing this game and bragging about how.much skill you seriously don't have, you only have 10 platinum extractions.


I never have acknowledged Lone Wolf simply due to the fact that it is a terrible indicator of player skill based on how most people get it. It's one of the most easily obtainable banners in the game.
"Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."

User Info: Foreman22

4 years ago#137
Nah you are still a liar. Never quit a plat match. I understand trying to diminish what I did in that game and that is sad and very telling indeed. But face it you are simply lying and cannot prove any different.

User Info: Edavy89

4 years ago#138
Hmmm, to the incredibly intelligent moderator who modded my message using the word Bishes as censor bypassing.


World English Dictionary
bish (bɪʃ)

— n
slang ( Brit ) a mistake

Next time you want to mod someone, do your research. hate to see you make yourself look even more stupid :-) IT!

User Info: Foreman22

4 years ago#139
I never have acknowledged Lone Wolf simply due to the fact that it is a terrible indicator of player skill based on how most people get it. It's one of the most easily obtainable banners in the game.

You are delusional. Is that why other posters laugh at you about your insta-kills?

User Info: SSBoKantei

4 years ago#140
What does not hating me have to do with anything....point sir? Your abusive. I abuse abusive people. Why keep saying I'm hiding it, or not acknowledging it, when I have many times O.o Another weak crutch.

Hate is a strong feeling, when someone hates me, I respect them for being able to feel something as strong as love. Hate is only born out of love. I don't see how you could hate me, since we don't really know each other.

And again, you missed the point. The hate comment, was to people who know me in RL. Why keep harping on that one line, that was already pointed out that didn't apply to you, instead of the real problem.

When ever I read a post from you, it's like I am staring at diarrhea coming out of an hemorrhoid inflamed ass. I flinch and say, I don't want to see that again.

I'm in the fray, as I have admitted many times. And I'm embarrassed about it, as I have admitted many times. You haven't admitted it once, keep hurling insults, and keep on abusing the other poster.

What do I have to feel inadequate about? Again, like the "blonde model in the insurance commercial" comment, I can't follow what you are saying. More diarrhea spewing out man. Stay on subject.

The subject at this point, is you suck at mass effect, your abusive, childish, and cranky. Take a nap.
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