Defiance servers are down. Great start Trion.

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User Info: ILikesCheese

4 years ago#91
Foreman22 posted...
This gaming is boring as hell. Where is the story? Maybe in the TV show? Side mission, side mission, etc.... I see why this game will be popular with today's young masses. No thought required. Just run around and bang bang. Very little customization, graphics are from last gen. I was 100% correct the beta was pretty much what we have now. But I'm sure the sheep will defend it.

You know, I could agree with you and your complaint that both developers and gamers have taken an extremely lazy attitude concerning day one launches of games, MMO or not. The attitude of "Ship it broke, Fix it later" has permeated this industry and, surprisingly, many ignorant customers are okay-dokey with it.

Those types spurt witticisms like : "All MMOs have problems at launch; it's the way of the world. Accept it and bow down before the mighty weight of this truth and do not whine." A very small-minded, juvenile approach to a product for sale on the open market.

HOWEVER....this last post of yours indicates a much different tone. Graphics from last gen? I don't think so. All the professional reviewers of the Beta builds didn't think so either. It isn't Dragon's Dogma or FF13 or Alan Wake, but it isn't Deadly Premonition. And no thought required? This isn't XCOM: EU. It's a third person twitch shooter, not even a slow back-and-forth duel like you'd find in Dark Souls. Be happy it's not the horrible lightning fast Bang-Your-Dead multi-player experience found in Max Payne 3.

I have yet to form a solid opinion of this game, but I do know that those comments by you are WAY off base. Perhaps some posters here were indeed correct; you do come off as a simple troll.

If you're omnipotent and all-powerful...why would you need to REST? On the 7th or ANY day?

User Info: thisnamerules

4 years ago#92
Foreman22 posted...
Got it in 1980. When were you born? I thought so.

So, you're in your 50s, your age is relevant to this topic how? Seem like you just like throwing around ad hominem attacks at people when they express an opinion that differs from yours.

Here's what your exchanges are looking like:

You: "This game [that was pushed to release in order to coincide with a TV show tie-in] is having server problems. The developer must be bad."

Someone Else: "Have you played many MMO games? This is typical with them, it'll get better."

You: "I play lots of them. Get off my lawn and let me complain in as passive-aggressive a manner as possible."

Sure, the average user of this site is considerably younger than you, how constructive is it for you to respond in such a way that makes them question that?

User Info: xSosukeAizenx

4 years ago#93
This is truly sad and pathetic. We have some ignorant old man believing we are "sheep". It sounds like to me he thinks he is better than all of us. How are we "sheep" for liking a MMO? It isn't about the graphics you know. It is about the gameplay and how well the game works. Yes, the servers might be down, but it is like that with every single MMO. It will probably not be possible for the servers to be up right on day one. You have no experience at all in making MMOs so I don't see why you truly think the servers should be up right away. I think you are just some grumpy old man who hasn't had his nap for the day.

User Info: SSBoKantei

4 years ago#94
To Cheese.

I agree with just about everything you said about gamers accepting bad products that don't work right. Terraria is actually a great example of that right now.

It simply is a buggy game as it stands. I'm happy to be playing it, although I wish the game wasn't riddled with bugs.

I find that Japanese devs (outside of the big wigs like Capcom and companies of that vein, who are here for money and not respect now.) are pretty much the only ones who release fully finished, not extremely buggy products anymore. Although they have their bugs also.

But....I still have to say, day 1 of a MMO, the first few hours. They can't really be blamed for that. it is, always a mess. The servers have a meltdown when that many people are connecting for the first time, at the same time. And Trion has a dedicated and great team of coders working it out right now, if they stick to what their standard is on fixing their games, they will have most of the mess cleaned up by Midnight tonight, or noon tomorrow morning.

I would be shocked if they didn't. The one other game I have played from them, they really were able to hammer out problems quickly compared to other MMO's. In hours and days, compared to days, weeks, and months.

User Info: SSBoKantei

4 years ago#95
And to Sosuke Aizen, you sir, with your screen name being what it is, should be talking to people like they are sheep.

User Info: VoidBeyond

4 years ago#96
Foreman22 posted...
And sheep keep posting. They do tend to stick together don't they?

0/10 You are a terrible troll. Plus, you're a "grandparent" and you spend your time insulting people on gamefaqs? If you are telling the truth then... Jeez, you must have a pretty sad life.
GT: Dethrow2112//PSN: DuodecimKnight//PKMN Black2 FC: 2280 6133 3461

User Info: xSosukeAizenx

4 years ago#97
SSBoKantei posted...
And to Sosuke Aizen, you sir, with your screen name being what it is, should be talking to people like they are sheep.

My name is simply a name. Just because it is a name of a character from an anime, doesn't mean I must act as him. I do not consider everyone as "sheep", but I do believe the one who is calling us all "sheep" just needs to take his daily nap.

User Info: SSBoKantei

4 years ago#98
Yeah : ) just having fun with your name man. I'm sure you get it. You shouldn't even have dignified my post with a response. If you did speak to people like they were sheep.....I would of skipped showing you some fan love.

User Info: koutsu88

4 years ago#99
to ilikecheese get over yourself

A: your attacking people you don't even know a thing about i.e complete strangers
on a freaking gaming forum

B:your also try to impose your own rules on them

C:you also called my correction an "excuse"

all that tells me you have severe inferiority complex that you desperately trie to cover up
by acting all high and mighty on the internet

dude.... you need a psychologist

get a life you are not in any place to order people around or judge intelligence
or tell people to "go back to school"

this will be my last response to you as i shall be adding you to my ignored list good day sir
"there is no use lecturing pigs" kazuya shibuya. (ghost hunt)[GT:koutsu 88] [save timsplitter4] [Dragonlord of TBWNN]

User Info: ILikesCheese

4 years ago#100
koutsu88 posted...
to ilikecheese get over yourself... your attacking people... all that tells me you have severe inferiority complex...this will be my last response...good day sir

Typical Forum Board response from someone with truly nothing to say to defend their inane comments.

Exhibit A: "Get over yourself"
Exhibit B: Rewriting History. (I attacked no one, defended my viewpoints, and put you in your deserved place.)
Exhibit C: The "Inferiority Complex" comment that always pops up when someone has lost an argument or debate.
Exhibit D: "This will be my last response as I am Ignoring you." The last gambit of those who feel covering their eyes and ears and burying their head in the sand is a form of intelligence and bravery.

Oh, and a fine "Good day SIR" too. Those always crack me up.

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