if there are more than say 8 people together

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User Info: knives out

knives out
4 years ago#1
do they all get the same skin? im noticing that the larger 'events' everyone looks the same.
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User Info: Teen_Ape

4 years ago#2
I find everyone looks the same even just sitting in a camp.

It could be me and one other person at a vendor/afk and they would have the generic character model.

Slightly annoying if you ask me, thought it would be fixed.
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User Info: Talon5967

3 years ago#3
It's lag related. Everyone appears on your screen as a generic skin until whatever they're actually using uploads to your system. It gets worse as the player count goes up. If you watch one of those people with the generic skin long enough, you'll see it change to whatever skin they're actually using.
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User Info: browncmp

3 years ago#4
Back in april and may there were hundreds upon hundreds of folks playing all in one spot. They all look the same, as the above post says, to help with lag. Now, there is no excuse since there aren't a hundred people total that play. But hey, the devs set this up in a way that made sense...and then did really stupid things that made no sense.

User Info: foodeater4

3 years ago#5
Yes it is annoying. I understand the reason for it, but unless its an arkfall or a siege, this should basically not be happening.
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  3. if there are more than say 8 people together

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