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User Info: Gwiz494

3 years ago#1
So I originally got this game when it first came out and played it for a couple of months and it got a little boring and repetitive. I felt like leveling up didn't really do anything for me as the weapons that you would get weren't that much better than the level 1 weapons. Did they change this? Is there equipment to try to obtain that are much more powerful than the rest or is it mostly the same as when the game first came out? What else has changed with all the updates? Thanks!
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User Info: Lawless65

3 years ago#2
I just got back on today same as you. But I used to tear everything up. Now I can't hurt anything! The simplest of rebels have thousands and thousands of health. I crit them with my sniper for 6000 and it takes an 8th off their health. wtf happened! Ps they drop you in two to three bullets

User Info: IksarMonk

3 years ago#3
It's slightly harder after last patch but I am EGO 3200 so maybe that makes a difference. I am holding out until ESO on PS4 then going to cash in my chips for that.

Or I will just buy a ton of key codes and open boxes to my hearts content to see what oranges I find. I have just as much salvage as I do scrip so that could be like 3 hours of Christmas.
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User Info: Marikhen

3 years ago#4
I just played again for the first time in six months or so last night and... Wow.

Resetting weapon experience was placed with changing the mastery bonus which requires special currency to do, but by the same token it seems you now still get weapon group experience even while using mastered weapons. If that holds out true I'm a happy camper because having to constantly reset and wait to start using my Wolfhound pistol and Downpour Pulser SMG was incredibly frustrating. Also I likely would have written the game off and never played again had they not allowed group experience gain to continue with mastered weapons. It would have effectively made it impossible to use good weapons for any length of time without purposely gimping yourself.

As soon as I logged in I immediately jumped into a large-scale event, and as a result enemy HP values didn't seem too odd. Things taking a long time was par for the course with the volge events so this didn't necessarily seem different. Likewise when I later played around with some hellbugs they were easier to slaughter than I remembered. In point of fact it used to take me 3-4 clips (70 rounds per) with my Downpour Pulser to kill a hellbug monarch, but now one clip is enough to kill them.

Oooon the other hand... When I went to do a bandit raider mini-event there were a couple of "reinforced" NPCs there. Their weapons did enough damage to kill me in 2-4 hits, and they had something like 100k+ HP. Killing them took something like half an hour and was about as far from fun as you can get without trying to expel previously ingested ground glass.

Then there's the whole armor thing where either pre-armor shields have to automatically repair their armor or player armor values deplete much more quickly than NPC armor values which don't seem to deplete at all. Over 20 head shots with sniper rifle (4-5k per) and flare gun (2-3k per with another 1-2k burn damage) and I couldn't tell one bit of difference in the number of shield icons those "reinforced" guys had.

On the subject of higher level weapons being better than lower level weapons I can't say much on that yet. Based on how badly my Downpour Pulser ripped up a hellbug monarch either they got nerfed big time or low-level weapons can still significantly out-perform high-level weapons. I acquired that SMG from the third or fourth mission I did, and since then I have yet to find a single weapon that was better than it. I've gotten a legendary, seen a few in vendors, and gotten plenty of purple and blue weapons, and that green SMG still trumps them all. :-/
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