Just got the game.....

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User Info: Darque

3 years ago#1
...and I'm at the 5th hour of patching (wtf O_o)

Are there any new user guides floating around? I checked the wiki and it was less than... useful... and clearly no faqs here....

Any place to find useful newbie info for this game?
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User Info: darren19822000

3 years ago#2
quit now and save yourself the headaches...5 hours and you cant play yet should be your first sign that this will be a bad exp for you
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User Info: smurfsn1p3r

3 years ago#3
Send an request my way, I will be more then happy to walk along with you, help you complete main missions while explaining what this game has to offer. The game has its rough spots, once you get past that it can be a fun game.

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User Info: Darque

3 years ago#4
Appreciate the thought, I'm EGO 1000 now X_X so I got a fairly decent handle on it at this point. =D

Thank you though. =D

Overall it's been a pretty fun game, reminds me of Borderlands a bit.
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User Info: IksarMonk

3 years ago#5
My suggestion is....

Enjoy the game but set your expectations bar low. I like it but am an achievement boar and holding on a while longer to pop the last few.
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