Which Mario Party is better. This or 8?

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User Info: Takuru

5 years ago#1
My friends and I want to relive the glory days again.

I've watched video reviews for both games and I can't decide.

I want the game with the better mini games and better "competetiveness" (you can screw over your friends).

Mario Party 9 really interested me in this way because you are "working together" it seems from the videos but you all secret also are trying to sabotage one another which is golden. But from what I saw, the mini games look like crap.

Compare this to Mario Party 8, from what I saw in the video reviews, the party games look quite excellent and it has that classic game play but the boards look like crap.

So which one would you recommend would be more enjoyable if 4 of my friends want to screw each other over in party mode and have alot of fun?

User Info: mariofan619

5 years ago#2
Boards/Board gameplay: 8, easily. Even though I wasn't a big fan of most of MP8's boards, they're better.

Mini-games/Motion controls: 9, easily.
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User Info: farmco

5 years ago#3
As a multiplayer party game, Mario Party 9 is way better than Mario Party 8. That game is more accessible, and the minigames are better.
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User Info: GenesisOne

5 years ago#4
Takuru posted...

So which one would you recommend would be more enjoyable if 4 of my friends want to screw each other over in party mode and have alot of fun?

If this is what's most important to you, then Mario Party 8 due to the candy system. If one of your friends is near a star, use a Springo candy and bounce right on over there to steal the star from underneath his/her nose. If one of your friends just won a heck of a lot of coins from a battle mini-game or has spent many turns accumulating coins, fry him or her with a Cashzap candy. If one or more of your friends is/are keeping up with you while heading for a star, use the Bloway candy and send him/her/them flying back to start. Use a Slowgo candy to trigger a board event that messes up your friends while you sit there and smirk. MP8 over MP9 by a huge margin when it comes to item system superiority and the screwing over of friends.

User Info: Fakatopatere

5 years ago#5
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User Info: Externica

5 years ago#6
Well, both games are competitive in a way.

MP8 has Items you can use for your advantage. MP9 on the other has special dice. A die with the numbers 1 - 3 another with 4-6, the third with 0-1, the next has 1-10 and finally, the slow die. It has the numbers 1-6, but you can choose at what number you'd like to jump. That way, you can try to screw over your other players.

In case of minigames, I think MP9 has the better ones. Even the motion controls don't feel as forced as MP8's which felt like motion for the sake of motion. But in the end, it's a matter of taste.

The boards on the other hand, I think MP8 has the better of the two.
The boards of MP9 are a One-Way-Road and the path rarely splits. Also, if you play the same board again you'll notice, it plays almost like the same as before. MP8's boards on the other hand had an element of chance, MP9 does not.
It's hard to explain, but better you watch some gameplay videos.

Oh, and MP9 has one major flaw: The game cheats. And I'm not talking about cheating CPU players, I'm talking about the game itself. If you're playing a board game, the game fixes the dice so leading players are screwed over and the bad placed player gets lucky. Be it a human player or an AI-controlled player. If you're forth, expect to receive stars no matter what, while the one in first places loses them whenever possible.
In short: There's an rubber band in effect for everyone, be it human or CPU.
A real annoyance in multiplayer mode, but a real pain in solo mode if you like to unlock the hidden characters. The hidden boards on the other hand can be unlocked in multiplayer as well.

User Info: oneupper

5 years ago#7
MP9 for mini games
MP8 for board play

Although in all honesty....just get MP7 which has decent mini games and skill based board play
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User Info: Toadster9001

5 years ago#8
Mario Party 9 is much better.
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User Info: Mariofan15

5 years ago#9

From: Toadster9001 | #008
Mario Party 9 is much better.

Mini-game wise,sure. I say 8 if you like the Board aspect.
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User Info: BB52700

5 years ago#10
mario Party 9 is very different from the way the previous 8 games are play, so if you want to relive the glory days, 8 would be your choice. My wife, nephews and I, however, have played all the mario Party games over the years and we think that 8 is BY FAR the worst one made. mario Party 9 is different, but still better
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