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Mega-man's Final Smash

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User Info: Tsurazim

4 years ago#21
AmadeusPrower posted...
Shoots some lightning and keeps pausing and unpausing the game.

Don't joke about that, man. DON'T JOKE ABOUT THAT.
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User Info: BenJ09

4 years ago#23
Mega Man activates his Final Smash and suddenly

User Info: DavemanCosman

4 years ago#24
I'd prefer the Super Adaptor;

It would be an interesting transformation final smash. More interesting than Hyper Mega Man for sure.
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User Info: xtreemmasheen3k2

4 years ago#25
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User Info: RHF

4 years ago#26
Jet Armor
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User Info: lamarfll

4 years ago#27
Village Idiot posted...
Turns him into X


Elec Man EXE posted...
I pray its not Hyper Mega Man. HMM was stupid enough in MvC, and aside from the one throwback Smash has done a heck of a lot better with Mega Man's moveset. I hope they can come up with something besides the lameness of HMM.

Super Adaptor would probably be my pick. A full-screen ability like Rain Flush or Tornado Blow could work as well, but for some reason they just don't seem impressive enough.

Village Idiot posted...
But ya, in all serious, Super Adaptor.

ssupermario92 posted...
I'm expecting the Super Adapter to be his Super.

I'm gonna be very suprised if it isn't.

Limelight788 posted...
I'm expecting his Final Smash to be a Super Adapter. Makes the most sense.

Super Adapter
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User Info: liquidleonx3

4 years ago#28
IfOnlyForOnce posted...
Village Idiot posted...
Turns him into X

Please, no. That's just him morphing into a completely different character from his series. So odd.

OH MAN!! Then as he transforms and starts kicking ass this plays:

When the song ends so does the Final Smash.

My Smash experience would be forever complete and I would just die.
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User Info: ss4kami

4 years ago#29
Everything becomes a spike pit.
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User Info: warnerbroman

4 years ago#30
Won't it be too much like Yosh9/Sonic/Wario Final Smashes?
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