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Top 3 characters you want and your honest opinion on their chances

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User Info: Holy_Oblivion

4 years ago#1
Shulk- I'll be surprised he if doesn't make the cut
Black Knight- I'd be shocked if he DID get in. Was my most wanted character for brawl ;_;
Lloyd Irving- As nerdgasmic as it would be, I'd say there's little to no chance of it happening. Not iconic enough worldwide.
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User Info: CanyouGuess

4 years ago#2
King K. Rool: Chances are relatively high, given he was the antagonist of a popular franchise (for awhile at least) and highly requested in the west and Japan. His recent absences put some doubts on that though.

Samurai Goroh: I'd say they're about average. He was an assist trophy in Brawl, and is one of the more well known F-Zero characters, not to mention F-Zero could use another rep. However, F-Zero has been dormant for about a decade, and isn't that well known.

Captain Syrup: Very low. She's from a franchise that didn't get any representation in Brawl and is pretty obscure. Not to mention Shake It did poorly in sales.
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User Info: PaperDolphin

4 years ago#3
Waddle Dee-Has a shot. Main character in Kirby's RTDL and is unique.
Toad- high chance. Has been a main character in all Mario games and just keeps getting mire appearances.
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User Info: DragonImps

4 years ago#4
1: Ridley

He'd be difficult to create. But if they're putting so much effort into the Ice Climbers' inclusion, Ridley would probably be a good use of their time.

2: Phantom Zelda

She's hopeless o_o She'd probably only be considered if she was paired with Spirit Tracks Link, who's busy driving his train -_-

3: Boney

Smash is like the MotherBound series lifeline right now... But that only give a slight chance of having a new rep for it in general, and Boneh would have a lot of competition.

User Info: mudkip72

4 years ago#5
Mewtwo - I'd say looking quite likely right now, with his new form, movie appearance, and fan demand.

Palutena - somewhat likely, like around 50/50. Giving Kid Icarus a 2nd rep is a significant hurdle, but if KI does manage a 2nd rep I'm certain it'd be her.

King K. Rool - his chances appear to be in the trash unless he's being kept a surprise as the true bad guy of Tropical Freeze. Dixie Kong being present there doesn't help either.

User Info: Ryoukai

4 years ago#6
Chrom, Palutena, Mewtwo.

If any one of them don't get in, I'll be very surprised. Mewtwo may be less likely than the first two, but I still expect him to come back this time around.
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User Info: ninjaff7

4 years ago#7
Lucina - She has a good shot, FE:A did really well and she is even getting a Figma Figure

K.K. Slider - Not impossible. Would be nice to have another Animal Crossing character, plus beating someone over the head with a guitar would never get old (ka-bong!)

Klonoa - Also not impossible but probably won't be their first choice. Had his game remade on the Wii and had a game on the GBA so he is possible.

User Info: Bleacherdork

4 years ago#8
Decloned Ganondorf

More darkness moves, his SWORD, need I say more? It could be likely, this is a fairly popular idea, but I honestly dont know

Decloned Toon Link

With a more diverse moveset, like using the deku leaf, skull hammer, hookshot, things like that. Fairly unlikely, but at the same time I feel like it could happen


This would be a crazy interesting playable character, especially if she had wolf link with her. Dont know how likely this would be, Im leaning towards not very because Link doesnt seem to be all Twilighted out anymore. But eh, who knows?
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User Info: Rioken

4 years ago#9
1) Isaac (Golden Sun)
There's definetely a possibility considering he's already been acknowledged/shown up as an assist trophy and Brawl and fans have damn near been screaming for him or a Golden Sun rep for a long time now. I'd say I like his chances early on.

2) Bomberman (Bomberman)
Too early to say but I'm gonna lean towards slim chance in the long run. Bomberman is one of those characters I feel just needs to be in SSB. He was totally representative of my childhood via his tenure on the N64 and to me he was as iconic as some "B-listers" that've made it into SSB already

3) Andy (Advance Wars)
Again, too early to tell but his chances imo are far better than Bomberman's. Fans would have to be crying out for Andy. There'd have to be some sort of serious outcry/demand for him in SSB. Unfortunately he doesn't have that (not as much as the likes of other characters anyway). I have a feeling he won't make it but doesn't change the fact that he's probably more deserving than anyone they actually wind up putting in the game.
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User Info: squidgy617

4 years ago#10
Mewtwo - His chances are pretty good considering not only his popularity, but also the fact that he's being put in the spotlight again. But I hate his new form, so I hope that if they use that there's a way to play as the old one.

Hades - Ehh, he's one of several reps deserving of the next KI slot. Being the main villain gives him a pretty good shot, but considering Palutena's popularity, I wouldn't be surprised if its her instead.

Ridley - His chances look alright. Basically, it boils down to if they put in another Metroid rep, because he is the only sensible choice. I just cannot fathom why he hasn't been put in yet.

EDIT: I'm an idiot and I totally forgot Little Mac! (Although its very likely he's in...) I would switch Mewtwo out for him if I had to.
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