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The Roster

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User Info: Rollingcone

4 years ago#1
Here's my attempt at a reasonable roster:

-Wolf takes his leave to search the galaxy for an identity of his own :p
-Lucario yields his tough-guy/Pokemon niche back to another certain Pokemon...


-Wii Fit Trainer: Miss Fit weighs in!

-Villager: The villager comes to town!

-Mega Man: The Blue Bomber!

Toad: Toad brings along with him the staples of the Mario party games as well as power-ups from the New Super Mario games.

9-Volt: This unlikely addition from the Wario Ware franchise utilizes the powers of NES heroes to brawl, often times summoning their sprites.

Ridley: With a little re-scaling, Ridley will cement his place as a formidable and balanced opponent.

Krystal: Wolf's roster replacement fights with a lithe style and imbues some of her moves with the magical powers of her home planet.

Alpha: Whereas Olimar reigns over the five established types of Pikmin, his kin works with the new types introduced in Pikmin 3. Being in tune with nature, Alpha can also call in creatures from the Lost Planet.

Samurai Goroh: Upgraded from his status as an assist trophy, Goroh joins the fray with an atypical sword fighting style and zany special moves.

Mewtwo: Mewtwo returns from the recesses of Melee with a vengeance. His move set has been overhauled to be more functional.

Chrom: The lord from Fire Emblem Awakening makes his Smash debut with an aggressive fighting style.

-Palutena: Considering Sakurai's recent efforts on the Kid Icarus franchise, I can see him adding in Palutena as a shameless ode to his own hard work.

-Matthew/Son of Felix: Coinciding with Golden Sun's revival of sorts is the inclusion of Dark Dawn's protagonist...or the protagonist of the potentially upcoming Golden Sun 4.

Pac-Man: The king of arcades enters the fight with a hunger for his enemies. Toss power pellets to weaken foes and then chomp down on them for massive damage!
"I ain't going nowhere old man"

User Info: AlexAdz

4 years ago#2
Replace Wolf with Falco, and we're good.

User Info: albertojz356

4 years ago#3
Pauline, Palutena, Bayonetta, Cptn. Syrup, Eirika, Micaiah, Anna, Lyn, Lucina, Shantae, Lip, Andy, Medusa, Birdo, & Mike Jones for SSB4!

User Info: LordAlistair

4 years ago#4
Matthew over Isaac? 9-Volt? Alpha? Krystal?

Your roster is bad and you should feel bad.

User Info: Rollingcone

4 years ago#5
LordAlistair posted...
Matthew over Isaac? 9-Volt? Alpha? Krystal?

Your roster is bad and you should feel bad.

I would imagine Sakurai would want to give a nod to the newest Golden Sun games because aside from Dark Dawn, the series hasn't been relevant since 2003. Perhaps Isaac could be playable in his adult form.

The inclusion of 9-Volt not only adds a distinct character, but it also opens the possibility for many classic characters to be usable in battle. It's less about who 9-Volt is, and more about what he represents (the retro gamer), and who he can call in (a ton of classic characters)...Perhaps an elderly version of Mario, called Mr. Nintendo could go about doing the same thing...

I figured dividing the Pikmin types between two characters would be logical. However, seeing that Olimar's Pikmin weren't all that unique in their own right, perhaps he'll be the only Pikmin representative. It would be interesting to see a father/son dynamic in Smash, though.

Krystal bolsters the negligible amount of female characters on the roster. She would also bring a distinct feminine touch to Fox's iconic fighting style.
"I ain't going nowhere old man"

User Info: Variasi

4 years ago#6
Wait, Alph isn't Olimar's son.

They aren't even from the same planet.

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