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If I was in charge. 88 character roster. With image.

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User Info: UltraKintaro449

4 years ago#1
Well with transformations and such it;s really 94 characters - Results (11 votes)
63.64% (7 votes)
I have a less than positive opinion
0% (0 votes)
Still sucks
0% (0 votes)
That poor development team...
18.18% (2 votes)
What's is with you and Cliff?
9.09% (1 votes)
I am a big dumb dumb who thinks this meant to be realistic
9.09% (1 votes)
Why did you leave out the purple moles from Super Scope 6?
0% (0 votes)
[Insert positive opinion here]
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Here is roster.

Since everyone does almost the same roster based who they think will get in, I decided to make my own based who I would put in if I was in charge. If you honestly think this meant to be realistic, I have a negative opinion of you. Also the reasons I chose the characters only include the ones that aren't obvious

Yes I realise this would kill the entire development team.

Explanation time. I won't explain everyone, just the ones I think need explaining.

All characters from the first three games returning:

Because cuts are terrible and the people who support them smell bad.

Wart is cool.

Possibly my favourite video game character ever.

Can you give me reason why Poochy SHOULDN'T be in?

All the joke topics about how iconic and deserving she is made me genuinely want her.

Toon Ganondorf:
Because I'm not bothered about Ghirahim getting in, don't care about any other villain and hate Zant.

Mutoh & Crew:
They amuse me.

Is the best starter.

As a Mokujin-type character, morphing between a random character every stock. The characters all have the Ditto dot eyes and voice like in the anime and Pokemon Snap.

Umbreon & Espeon:
They would be in as a gift to my girlfriend.

My absolute favourite Pokemon.

No Fire Emblem Awakening characters:
Because this board made me sick of seeing their names. Plus I haven't played it yet so I don't give a crap about any of them.

Gilliam and Garcia:
They fight while locked in an eternal arm wrestle, as a reference to the manliest support in FE8.

Mother Brain and Anthony:
I like them, that is all.

Warp Stone:
His voice alone makes him my fourth favourite SF character behind Fox, Krystal and Slippy. I don't care about Wolf and Falco is an obnoxious dick.

Zael and Syrenne:
I only wanted Syrenne because Zael is bland but not putting in the main character would bug the hell out of me.

Because The Last Story shouldn't have more than Xenoblade and Fiora is my second favourite character.

Scott O' Connor (Kabuki Quantum Fighter):
Forget Takamaru, this guy would be a more interesting NES-only Japanese-based character. He hits people with his hair.

Ryan (Wii Sports):
The hatred for Miis amuse me, so I added the first opponent from Boxing and Swordfighting in both games.

4WD (Stunt Race FX):
It as an adorable monster truck with big eyes. I love it. And Stunt Race was a fun game.

Cliff (Vegas Stakes):
I already made a topic on this guy. Go read it.

Giga Bowser and Metal Mario:
These guys would count as Smash Series characters. There would be an option to ban Giga Bowser online. Picking up a Metal Box as Metal Mario would make him even more metal, like a Titanium Mario or something.
"I like prawns, they're nice." - Bernard Cribbins

User Info: PhantasmShot

4 years ago#2
Where's the Fire Emblem awakening reps?

Where's the Pokemon 5th and 6th gen reps?

Where's Bowser Jr?

Only ONE ANimal Crossing rep?

No Nintendo eShop reps?

88 character roster? Pfftt.. Your roster is severely lacking
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User Info: UltraKintaro449

4 years ago#3
I explain the lack of FEA characters. And for the rest, I only included new characters I like. Also I haven't played any eShop games.
"I like prawns, they're nice." - Bernard Cribbins

User Info: splodeymissile

4 years ago#4
One can not help but imagine Microsoft as being ran by a thousand Homer Simpsons. -Obturator

User Info: UltraKintaro449

4 years ago#5
Crap! I ended the poll trying to edit the post. I wanted to see how many votes it would take before I got one positive one.
"I like prawns, they're nice." - Bernard Cribbins

User Info: AnnoyingCornGuy

4 years ago#6
I was about to tell you how I was disappointed in the FE roster. But then I saw-

"Hey Garcia, wanna arm wrestle!?"

I would buy any crappy game if I could play as that duo.

User Info: UltraKintaro449

4 years ago#7
I've just realised that the way I put Mutoh and his carpenters in the square makes it look like they're all naked.
"I like prawns, they're nice." - Bernard Cribbins

User Info: PaperDolphin

4 years ago#8
Waddle Dee and Toad for SSB4!

User Info: ssj_duelist

4 years ago#9
No Chrom or Bowser Jr.

User Info: UltraKintaro449

4 years ago#10
If this board didn't make me sick of seeing Chrom's name then I might have at least considered him.
"I like prawns, they're nice." - Bernard Cribbins
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