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A feasible roster.

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User Info: Charocks

4 years ago#1
1. Mario
2. Luigi
3. Peach
4. Bowser
5. DK
6. Yoshi
7. Wario
8. Link
9. Ganondorf
10. Samus
11. Pikachu
12. Ness
13. Jigglypuff
14. Captain Falcon
15. Marth
16. Snake
17. Megaman
18. Lucario
19. Kirby
20. Meta-Knight
21. Dedede
22. Ike
23. Game & Watch
24. Zelda
25. Pkmn Trainer
26. Fox
27. Falco
28. Issac
29. WFT
30. Villager
31. Zelda
32. Mewtwo
33. Lucas
34. Wolf
35. ROB
36. Sonic
37. Shadow
38. Roy
39. Diddy
40. Olimar

Anyone important missing?
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User Info: ThatKipp

4 years ago#2
Mallo from Pushmo.
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User Info: Someguy_13

4 years ago#3
It would probably be worth editing this so it's grouped by series. Easier to read.

Also some choices aren't very likely (or good). Like Shadow.
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User Info: Abugumgum

4 years ago#4
Shadow and Roy are not feasible.

User Info: AdmiralZephyr

4 years ago#5
Roy isn't coming back. Chrom gets the third Fire Emblem spot.
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User Info: AdmiralZephyr

4 years ago#6
Oh, and Little Mac is virtually a lock at this point. Everyone is free to believe what they want, but, with the AT + new game, leak, and proof that the ring stage is indeed his, I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt that he is in this game, playable.

In short, take out Roy and Shadow and add Chrom and Little Mac and I'll take it.
darkx remembers his friend, GrapefruitKing. RIP :(
My SSB4 roster prediction:

User Info: KingoftheYoshis

4 years ago#7
You put Zelda twice. No, this is not feasible.
King K Rool, Ridley and Dillon for SSB4. That's all I want.

User Info: Dinoman96

4 years ago#8
rofl you didn't even include pit.

ROFL at shadow.
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User Info: GreatJallopi

4 years ago#9
Abugumgum posted...
Shadow and Roy are not feasible.
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User Info: ThatPersonGuy

4 years ago#10
Why is it that when people hear feasible they think 40 characters max?
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