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My realistic roster

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User Info: EvosthunderMkII

4 years ago#21
Punkachu98 posted...

First, Have you PLAYED shadow the hedgehog? Second, just because sonic is 3rd party doesn't mean it doesn't deserve a second rep.Sakurai doesn't want just any 3rd party character in the game, but Tails has almost as long of a nintendo history as sonic does. You'll be sorry when you're- well, actually, you'll probably be ecstatic.

1) Whether I played Shadow the Hedgehog or not is irrelevant. He would most likely be a clone, since he practically is a clone in his series moveset-wise.

2) You're seriously suggesting that a guest franchise get more representation that some Nintendo franchises in a Nintendo game? *facepalm*

I seriously don't get why some people feel as though Sonic's inclusion in Brawl means more reps for Sonic in this game. It doesn't. Sonic himself isn't guaranteed to come back.
New and improved, baby.

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