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2 sonic reps is not impossible.

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  3. 2 sonic reps is not impossible.

User Info: Electric_Sonic

4 years ago#41
basically everything sakurai has said has shot down the idea of any 3rd party franchise getting multiple characters

From: NicoRobin007 | #004
Tails shares many similarities to Dixie Kong

one common trait (using non-wing appendages to fly) = "many similarities"

yeah okay

From: nonoobsfriends | #006
No they laugh at you because shadow is a dumb character, put knuckles in, instead.

knuckles is an even worse character than shadow lmfao

From: zeronbr1hunter | #038
I feel shadow would do fine considering they added wolf and in all the old game he was like shadow moody a jerk and depressing at times lol


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User Info: -TheFranchise-

4 years ago#42
Who the hell wants another sonic rep?
Sonic is the only decent character of the whole series.
They should make robotnik (not eggman, robotnik) a boss.
Ray MK II, Little Mac, Banjo-Kazooie, Simon Belmont, Snake, Sonic, Crono, Sora, Travis Touchdown, Bayonetta, MM Link, King K Rool, Saki, & Isaac for SSB4

User Info: game2002

4 years ago#43
Not saying I want Shadow, but people should play Sonic Battle if they think he will be a clone of or play similar to Sonic...
Praise the Lord, our one true God!

User Info: DorotimusWitik

4 years ago#44
The problem with 2 Sonic reps isn't as much that Sonic is a 3rd party franchise (it's not like there have ever been any stated limits) as much as there just isn't a second Sonic character that brings the kind wow factor and demand that Sonic brought to the table. They probably don't see much return on investment in adding a second Sonic character, especially since the base is pretty much fractured when it comes to who likes what Sonic side characters.

Also, the extra characters have been something of a sore spot for SEGA ever since 2006 came out and 'Sonic's ****ty Friends' became a thing. Really poisoned the waters. It's sad too because being able to play as Knuckles and Tails in Sonic 3 was pretty sweet and few of the characters were every really all that bad, there were just too many of them and they became exceedingly poorly written.

User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#45
From: Punkachu98 | #001
2 sonic reps is not impossible.

True. Here's what it would take for that to happen:

Nintendo buys the Sonic series from Sega

For this to work, chances are pretty good that this would have to happen:

Nintendo buys Sega

User Info: Lethal_BathTub

4 years ago#46
Just a Dr Eggman cameo or boss is enough, no more than that though.
Too many things are troublesome.
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  3. 2 sonic reps is not impossible.

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