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Roster (35 Characters) - What do you think?

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User Info: undisputed2386

4 years ago#21
I actually like your entire roster. It has clearly been made with a minimalist mindset which, in a worst case scenario I would be okay with.

However, like most posters are saying, it's a bit on the smallish side. I think regardless of Sakurai saying the 3DS version might be restricting the Wii U version in some ways, I don't think that we'll see less characters than we saw in Brawl. I think we will see less clones, but not less characters overall.
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User Info: Gamer09e

4 years ago#22
Seromontis posted...
Kurumiee posted...
Why less characters than Brawl? Disapprove.

less is more, buddy :D
Elektra for the next MvC game and Pac-man for SSBWIIU

User Info: Nightinangle

4 years ago#23
Seromontis posted...
Nightinangle posted...
Way too small. Going from 2 to 1 fe rep.

Yeah, but I added Shulk and Isaac instead of having more FE reps.

but why does that mean leave only one fe rep? Brawl was meant to have 3.(roy)
and only 35 characters. Plenty of room for Ike and Roy to come back/Chrom instead of ike or roy or something.
SSB4 dream roster: 45/54 characters.
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User Info: CosmoKramer4700

4 years ago#24
Horrible. If this were the roster, I wouldn't be interested in the game at all. I might buy the 3DS version just to have portable SSB, but the WiiU version I would absolutely not buy.
Gutalala Sudalala
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