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I used to support Pacman

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User Info: Negatis_Rider

4 years ago#31
Miyamoto himself created a Crossplataform multiplayer Pac-Man for Gamecube/GBA.

Pac Man is playable in most Arcade Mario Kart games.
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User Info: Dinoman96

4 years ago#32
doesn't matter because we pretty much know that he's in because of the leak.
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User Info: Soulstiger

4 years ago#33
Dinoman96 posted...
doesn't matter because we pretty much know that he's in because of the leak.

The second 3 are most likely just speculation, we don't know anything until Sakurai confirms it. While its highly unlikely the original 12 are at risk, until Sakurai says so even they aren't safe.

User Info: Gamer09e

4 years ago#34
I personally support Pacman 100%... to this day i really haven't seen anyone come up with a rational valid reason as to why pacman shouldn't be included in smash 4 that hasn't already been shot down or didn't revolve around "I just don't want him in". so aside from the whole "i don't want him in" which to me is fine but seems to be more choice then an actual reason against him, keeping in mind that there's many characters i don't like but i still understand there chances of being included...

Reason 1: Pacman isn't relevant anymore why should he be included

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Video game....

Reason 2: Pacman isn't as popular and as Liked as (Insert characters name here)..

its foolish to assume what video game character is liked and who isn't based on gamefaqs alone which i'm assuming his where many get there info from but what they don't get is they clearly forget that this board doesn't include the worlds taste for gaming and not everyone in the world has a gamefaqs account.. now the whole popular thing just make me lol, i mean it freaken PACMAN!!! everyone that owns a gaming console or has ever touched a game in there life knows who he is....

Reason 3: Gamer Pacman lacks a proper move set he wouldn't work in smash bros

To me many people who write this clearly haven't play his world series games where pacman is not only given a backstory and adventure but an array of moves that easily be translated into a proper move set for him in smash. Lets not also forget that Ice climbers, Game & watch, Fox,Cpt falcon, and the new addition Wii fit trainer and the Villager all came from games that initially doesn't have them fighting at all, therefore most of there move set where either made up on the spot or taken from other aspects of their games (Game&watch, Villager, wii fit trainer).

Reason :4 He'd be a boring and uninspiring character...

This is where its starts to become a bit annoying ill explain why, This statement can easily be given to the characters i've listed above. Can anyone honestly tell me that before smash 4 was even announced that the Wii fit trainer and villager would have such an inspiring move set, hell that before melee sakurai could revive Game & watch and the Ice climbers and make them amazing by giving them a move pool that reflects this. This is what the man does, this is what makes him great!!, and this is where my problem lies we haven't even seen what Sakurai could do with Pacman (If given the chance and rights from Namco) for all we know he can be as badass and broken (in a good way) character just like the ones i've listed above. All i'm saying is given him a chance if he's included then judge him..

Reason 5: he has no ties to Nintendo so why should he be included again?

Now this is a little treaty cause though pacman doesn't have the rival history that sonic has in sega and though he did not start in an nes game like megaman, but he was the first third-party character EVER on Nintendo console, and to this day Pacman has appeared along with mario in not one but third Mario karts games, there also the fact that miyamoto mario's papa who is the mascot of Nintendo was so impressed by Namco mascot pacman, that he designed mario just because of it..

Reason 6: his games hasn't sold as great as (insert character here),

Let be real here that has never stop sakurai from including any character into smash bros so to me its funny that anyone all of a sudden bring it up for pacman which ill be honest he's had some let downs but he defiently had some great games like once again i bring up his world series, champion editions series, his inclusion in the mario karts and let not forget his arcade games..(Con't)
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User Info: Gamer09e

4 years ago#35
Reason 7: Lloyd should be included over pacman because lloyd comes from a game that can easily be implemented into smash bros

Once again its foolish to think that we know what goes on behind closed doors. we don’t how sakurai has tweaked this game around therefore we don’t know how easy a model and/or move set can be implemented into the game so it fool for one to think that a character has any chance of making it into the game based on its battle system alone..

Reason 8: he doesn't deserves to be included into smash bros 4

Lets forget for a moment that he is a pioneer to video games the " godfather of gaming" if you will. We as fans of the series have no right to state which character doesn't "deserves" or does "deserves" to be included simple because well we aren't creating the game.. we are the consumers sure but lets be honest to ourselves we would still buy this game even if there were only 20 characters included so why the big puff over he/she doesn't deserves.. i honestly don't get it, I will admit we all have a right to our opinion but there's a difference between saying you believe something and out right claiming it as factual...

welp these the only ones i’ve seen so far if there any that i’ve missed i welcome anyone to reply, but please keep in mind that it has to be a rational reason as i’ve already stated so please keep the “ i just don’t like him, or he‘s a horrible character” because those are already covered and i apologize to the TC for my long comment but i just had to get these out of the way for future arguments...
Elektra for the next MvC game and Pac-man for SSBWIIU

User Info: MeepleLardicle

4 years ago#36
I will say one thing in regards to the "Why do people go crazy when they say they haven't played the newer Pac-Man games?!" or similar responses.

While I agree many people haven't, especially compared to the original game, and they're not quite as well known...

At the same time, we live in an era where you can literally look stuff up on the spot. People will make claims like "This character can't do x because of y!" without even researching the point. At very least, someone can go to Wikipedia, and find out what games Pac-Man has been in, then do some research on what he's capable of in them.

You don't have to play the games, and I expect most won't, but at least put some effort into research before making a claim. It's not hard to do, and you don't have to check everything either. Heck, just acknowledging the game's exist and going "Does he have anything more in those games?" on the boards will get you some answers.

This is analogous to people who make claims about, say, Palutena, without having played Kid Icarus Uprising. You don't have to play the game, but don't say "She's too big!" or "She can't fight!" without actually researching the game you haven't played. In fact, typing in "Palutena Fight" in Youtube gets you a video that is a counterpoint to BOTH those claims.

Pac-Man requires a little more work because a lot of games, and not all of them give him variety, but at least acknowledge they exist, and that you might be missing something; don't simply dismiss them for the sake of making your argument stronger.

THAT SAID, I am indifferent to Pac-man. Welcome him if he gets in, but won't care if he doesn't.
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