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My SSB4 Roster

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User Info: Abugumgum

4 years ago#11
This is a solid roster. I don't expect Ridley(and there are people that care if he is resized) or care for having both Ike and Chrom, and for some reason i don't expect Snake to come back. But all in all I don't see anything about this roster unbelievable or flawed in it's logic. Granted I would hope for a few more unexpected additions.


Keep in mind, I rarely give any of these above a 3/10 because most people are subject to really glaring flaws or clearly biased picks that ruin it. This is believable, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

User Info: AdmiralZephyr

4 years ago#12
I'd really like to see Isaac and Shulk, but otherwise this isn't HORRIBLE.
darkx remembers his friend, GrapefruitKing. RIP :(
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