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List two characters you want cut.

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User Info: Jeroisourosin

4 years ago#1
Also name 1 character you don't want in the new smash bros.
I'll start. Marth and Toon Link.
I don't want King K. Rool (unless he appears as a boss or assist trophy).
Bayonetta for super smash bros. 4
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User Info: KlRBEH

4 years ago#2
Toon Link and Wolf

I don't want Mii

User Info: Sticky_Tails

4 years ago#3
Toon Link and Falco
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User Info: xgiraffes13x

4 years ago#4
Falco and Pokemon Trainer.

I don't want any crazy out of line 3rd/4th party additions in Smash.
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User Info: Blade_of_Bros

4 years ago#5
I don't want to cut anyone. If I had to though, I'd cut Falco and Snake.

I don't want Little Mac to be in

User Info: Majora787

4 years ago#6
Toon Link and Falco. Least unique movesets on the roster. Not a difficult decision.
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User Info: alpha-ape

4 years ago#7
Sticky_Tails posted...
Toon Link and Falco

And I don't want Mewtwo in
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User Info: stfn12345

4 years ago#8
Snake, and if I was forced to pick a 2nd then I guess Toon Link
I don't want to see Pacman.

User Info: dengel3587

4 years ago#9
Toon Link and Lucario.

I don't want Daisy.
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User Info: Arcanine2009

4 years ago#10
Toon Link and I dunno.. Falco?

Dillion. I don't want a character from a medicore obscure game series in this game.
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  3. List two characters you want cut.

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