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Kid Icarus DESERVES 3 Reps!!!

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User Info: xyzlactic

4 years ago#1
The Kid Icarus franchise has been revived, and is now Sakurai's new baby. That alone is good enough reason for Sakurai to flood this SSB4 with new KI reps, if he wanted to.

Here are a list of reasons why I believe KI should get at least 3 reps:

- KI:U feels sort of like a new IP/Reboot, and if a series is to get more reps, than new characters like Palutena, mixed with old ones like Medusa are a good place to start looking for these smash fighters. Palutena is basically KI's Metaknight, with Medusa being the dedede/dark matter mix lol.

- Sakurai has a lot of time with these characters, and could really bring out the best of their abilities if they were to be playable.

- KI:U will be a flagship title for the 3ds. And their inclusion would be a good way to further promote the series if their are future sequels.

- Sakurai has stated that when developing KI:U, he thought many times that "this might be good in smash," now this is ambiguous, but it could mean characters, items or story.. either way it's a good sign that KI:U will some how influence or show up in the new smash.

- Kid Icarus (and other series) should have more reps than the Mother series. Mother has been irrelevant since before Melee. Its fanbase is obsessed with Giygas, and believing they are some how better than others because they know "teh fetus theory."

- Finally, since Kirby has run out of good characters to be reps, it is time for Sakurai to dig into his other series to further represent his own work.
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User Info: MateoRinghead

4 years ago#2
Cool story, bro.

User Info: GreatJallopi

4 years ago#3
It DESERVES 2 Reps at Most!!!
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User Info: -TheFranchise-

4 years ago#4
Kirby deserves 3

KI deserves 2 and a boss.
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User Info: ThisAnvil

4 years ago#5
It barely deserves 2 reps. It's had one game in what... 20 years? Why does that warrent 3 reps?
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User Info: KlRBEH

4 years ago#6
I love Kid Icarus Uprising but I don't think Kid Icarus deserves more than 2 reps. But if it got 3 I wouldn't complain of course.

User Info: ElectricNova

4 years ago#7
Where do you get this "Sakurai's baby?" thing from?

He worked on one KI game, and has no plans to work on another. Kirby was Sakurai's franchise, but until Brawl it only had one rep.
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User Info: TheThroneIsMine

4 years ago#8
A fanwar shall soon arise.

User Info: Dinoman96

4 years ago#9
i think it could use one more, but jesus christ, it really isn't that important to nintendo.

this is how it should go.

1-2 slots for the more niche series (or series you just introduced to an installment like Animal Crossing). one of these said series could get a new rep if A. there's someone you could use that'd be different from the main character B. he/she is prominent enough to the series and C. if there's a good amount of demand for said character. a good example would probably be, say, palutena and maybe ridley.

3 slots for the more mild but still big sellers, like kirby. i don't know how dk is left with two and starfox gets three though.

4 slots is, of course, for the heavy hitters: mario, pokemon, and zelda (which i think is better off with three slots though, not that it means it isn't important enough for one).
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User Info: Phantom_Nook

4 years ago#10
From: xyzlactic | #001
than new characters like Palutena, mixed with old ones like Medusa


Palutena is basically KI's Metaknight


I loved Uprising but Pit is sufficient as far as characters go.
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