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List " 3 " 3rd Party Characters you really want to see added to the game.

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  3. List " 3 " 3rd Party Characters you really want to see added to the game.

User Info: Spookoyo

4 years ago#1
Here are my three Dream Characters:

Bomberman (Bomberman)
Banjo + Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie)
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User Info: Terraforce777

4 years ago#2
Neku Sakuraba
Sora (KH)

User Info: UltimateJoseph

4 years ago#3
Here's a few:

Lyn from the Fire Emblem series
Sheena from Tales of Symphonia.

User Info: stfn12345

4 years ago#4
Mega Man
Simon Belmont

I really can't see any other 3rd party character fitting in well except for Banjo and Kazooie and they're 2nd party Microsoft now.

User Info: PlasmaCannon

4 years ago#5
Wonder Momo
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User Info: tehponycorn

4 years ago#6
Lloyd Irving
Zero (Megaman Zero)
Shulk needs to be in Smash Bros. 4, nuff said.
My roster for SSB4:

User Info: jonnyfresh712

4 years ago#7
Sora, Dr. Robotnik, and Yoshimitsu (Namco rep)

User Info: Alr3m1

4 years ago#8
Simon Belmont
Matt Damon
Matt Damon

User Info: _Sanaki_

4 years ago#9
Let's see... I'll assume the only confirmed third-party we have is Mega Man for the sake of this discussion.

1. Sonic returns. I don't like Sonic any, but his fans, as well as his iconic nature to Nintendo, warrant his return.

2. Simon Belmont or Bomberman. This one is a toughie. Konami retains a rep, but I'd rather it be one of these two. However, due to not wanting Konami to be over represented, it's only one of them. Bomberman, hypothetically, could take some of Snake's moveset, so that is one idea. Simon Belmont is the closest Castlevania has to a face, and likely would be rather fun. So either of these work.

3. Moogle. I picked Moogle for SE's rep due to it being the closest mascot SE has that's been in the Mario 3 on 3 game. The fact SE characters appeared in it makes me want to use the ones from it, so I went with a Moogle as it is undoubtedly the most mascot-like of the company.
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User Info: nucacola11

4 years ago#10
Raz Aquato (Psychonauts)
Raz Aquato (Psychonauts)
Raz Aquato (Psychonauts)
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  3. List " 3 " 3rd Party Characters you really want to see added to the game.

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