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Not getting a wiiu OR smash bros 4 after this BULL.

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User Info: stfn12345

4 years ago#41
Terraforce777 posted...
stfn12345 posted...
People who don't like Brawl aren't healthy now. Okay, it's not like I don't just play Smash every now and again on the weekends. It's not like I don't go to the gym and jog 6 days a week. Because if I like a game that has better gameplay over a game with more features I must be a fat lazy slob who lives in my mom's basement, right?

Fun fact about awards: they're given out very very close to a games release. Do you think Melee's metagame was fully fleshed out within a year of it's release? Obviously not. There are indisputable facts working against Brawl. Things like tripping and random input lag on every button press. That's bad game design no matter how you look at it.

I'd also like to reiterate because nobody seems to actually be listening that I don't care if people prefer Brawl. If the extra features are enough to make you like it then that's great, I'm happy for you. There is, however, no denying that Brawl would be a better game if it had everything from Brawl but ran on the Melee engine.

Just face it. Even if you and a thousand other hardcore melee fans argued this point it wouldn't mean a thing. You are a MINORITY. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean you have to go all willy nilly and call other people's games straight up trash because YOU think that. You may be a majority on GFAQS, but ask 100 everyday people they will probably disagree. And no I wasn't calling you fat slob, but if you can't move with the direction games are obviously moving in, a direction to appeal to Nongamers and gamers alike, then find something else to do, because SSB isn't the only franchise following this trend. Besides, even I don't go to the gym 6 times a day. More like 5 ;) I'm done for the night. Peace out comrades.

First to get the way off topic out of the way first, I said 6 times a week, not day.

Also my main point this entire time is that it doesn't make sense to cater exclusively to the casual crowd when it's so easy to please both groups at the same time. It's no secret that hardcore gamers are a lot pickier with their games than the casual lot, so make engine decisions based on what makes them happy. The casual players will buy the game regardless of how it plays as long as they find it fun, so they'll follow suit. For their sake, obviously, include tons of new features, crazy stages, new items, etc.

Smash Bros in it's current state will never be a game that pros can fight noobs and expect to ever lose, so Sakurai should stop trying unite players and just let them enjoy the game separately for different reasons.

The reason I feel Brawl isn't as good as Melee is because it only caters to one crowd. Whether or not it's the bigger crowd is irrelevant, as it is completely possible to cater to both. It failed to do so, so it will never be the game it could have been.

That said, Smash 4 looks to be a step in the right direction. How deep it's metagame will be has yet to be seen, but if nothing else it will at least be a little more frantic and fun. I fully anticipate Smash 4 to be, if nothing else, a fun party game. Something that Brawl never was for me.
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  3. Not getting a wiiu OR smash bros 4 after this BULL.

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