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Am I the Only One Who Wants Everyone Unlocked From the Start?

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User Info: Electric_Sonic

4 years ago#111
From: SideShowBatt | #095
I'm starting to see why Sakurai wants the game to not be competitive, if no one puts any time into a game he's wasted hundreds if not more of hours into development because some people can't play for a simple twenty hours, because we haven't already put hundreds of hours in Melee or Brawl over the years after release.

The irony of this statement is astounding.

Competitive players put exponentially greater amounts of time into the game than most anyone else. The amount of time it takes to unlock all of the characters is nothing compared to the time they spend training to get better at the game. It's not that they don't want to put time into the game - they just don't want to have to complete the same repetitive task a bunch of times (on different games/memory cards/consoles) just to set up for a tournament.

From: smashman92 | #107
That might be true for those on this board, but a 10 year old kid who doesn't know you can find this info on the internet gets the game and suddenly sees a "Challenger Approaching" would love it.

You should also know by now which places on the internet will end up spoiling a game for you. You can avoid it. I just choose not to avoid it most of the time

You're vastly underestimating the ability that 10 year old kids have to access the internet, especially nowadays :s

And it isn't just about "knowing" what places will spoil things for you - the sheer number of places that will do that makes it futile and simply not worthwhile. We're talking a few weeks/months (depending on the gap between Japanese and American/European release dates and how quickly you're able to pick up the game) of avoiding this information, and you basically have to avoid every single gaming site and message board that you may potentially frequent, among other things, for that period of time. That pretty much means you don't get to enjoy anything else on those sites for all of that time, and the eventual surprise you get from the hidden characters in the game (or whatever other content in some other game you avoid spoiling for yourself) simply isn't worth that sacrifice.

I assume you realize all of these things, and that's why you choose not to avoid the information. And considering the situation, there are in all likelihood very few people who actually successfully prevent themselves from being spoiled and get surprised by secret stuff in games. Is it really worth having unlockable stuff to cater to that tiny minority at the expense of everyone else?
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User Info: SpyDRfreeK

4 years ago#112
GreatJallopi posted...
Nothing feels as rewarding as unlocking characters. I think game developers have lost sight of that.

Daisyfanboy posted...
Unlocking characters in video games is one of my favorite things to do. I'd be extremely upset if they took that away from me.
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