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Dark Pit hate is ILLOGICAL

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User Info: dedekong

4 years ago#1
Every time someone makes a complaint about Dark Pit, I can't help but to realize how ignorant and illogical it is. No argument made against Dark Pit is sound or strong enough to deny him access to his creator's game.

Dark Pit would be a clone

Sorry, but you can't prove that he would be a clone. Dark Pit doesn't have to have the same move set as Pit, and even if they were similar Sakurai would make sure there were enough differences to give them each a different feel: Fox/Falco, Roy/Marth, Pikachu/Pichu...etc. With all the new items in KI:Uprising there really is MORE reason to believe he wouldn't be a clone.

Dark Pit is nothing but a palette swap

Ok? Did Sakurai say he isn't allowing palette swaps to be playable? And even so, Sakurai created Dark Pit and could adjust his appearance to look different from Pit if he wanted: Bowser, Ice Climbers, sheik, etc. And are we forgetting that Sakurai included Dr. Mario? A character who was literally the same thing as Mario.

Dark Pit isn't important to Kid Icarus

Anyone who says this has no played Kid Icarus: Uprising. Or they are just ignorant. Dark Pit has the most chapters dedicated to him in the game. Dark Pit is playable. Dark Pit is one of the most important characters in the game considering he saves Pit on two occasions, and is crucial in the destruction of the final boss. Dark Pit is playable in multiplayer. Play Kid Icarus and you will see how important he is.

Dark Pit is also popular in Japan and with Sakurai. Only Pit and Dark Pit got figmas that Sakurai plays with often. I know Snakey tried to say that Japan didn't care about Dark Pit or request him for Smash, but that Japanese magazine proved him wrong, since DP played high on the request list.

Let's face is, Dark Pit is a huge contender to be in smash, and people are intimidated by that.

User Info: LUlGI

4 years ago#2
We get it, you love Dark Pit.
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User Info: KillerKremling

4 years ago#3
I agree, but I just don't see him happening. Palutena > Medusa > Dark Pit
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User Info: Missing_My_Head

4 years ago#4


User Info: Ragiroth

4 years ago#5
I agree to. But thanks to god damn Palutena, and KI probably not getting more than one rep, he probably won't get in =/

Well more than just a color swap.

User Info: Hon_Caterpie

4 years ago#6
I'll just sit here in my little "I want Viridi but I know I'll never get her" hut and ignore the cannon fire outside.
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User Info: Just-Saiyan

4 years ago#7
From: dedekong | #001
And are we forgetting that Sakurai included Dr. Mario? A character who was literally the same thing as Mario.

lol clone

User Info: multielmuchacho

4 years ago#8
It's been a while since I've seen a dedekong topic with one random word capitalized in the title.
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User Info: dedekong

4 years ago#9
LUlGI posted...
We get it, you love Dark Pit.

Yes, but you seem to not get is that Dark Pit has the potential to be more than just a "reskin"

User Info: MeanMotorScoote

4 years ago#10
I'm not intimidated at all. I own Kid Icarus and played through the whole thing, and I still don't believe he'd be a good character and I still believe he's overrated.

And yes, I'm well aware he wouldn't be a clone/palette swap and has potential to have his own move set, and I'm aware of the big role he played in Uprising and the fact that he's playable.

and if he made it in, hey, no skin off my nose, I'd still buy/play the game regardless and end up trying him out as I would all other characters on the roster/occasionally playing him.

I just personally don't like him enough to want him. Even if the fact is he's gotten in/getting in/is already in, it doesn't change my opinion that I'm not a fan of him and still want/prefer other characters to him.

It would be like Lucario... didn't like him, thought he was an overrated Pokemon, and would have preferred some one else in his place. However, in the end I still purchased the game, enjoyed it, and occasionally played as him, but he never became my main, I never ended up caring much for him/his move set, and I never ended up liking him as a character or seeing him as being more important to the Pokemon franchise as a whole.
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