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Let's build an SSB4 roster together! **character nominations!!**

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User Info: Austin_4e

4 years ago#1
Info / Rules:

We will create a roster of no more than 50 characters to keep it within a realm of possibility. 50 is a good balance between the often assumed 40-mark and some of the higher generous assumptions.

Only one character can be added per franchise, this includes a sole rep for any new series introduced to the roster.

We will assume no cuts between Brawl and Smash 4. Though Toon Link is iffy, Sakurai has made it evident that he wants to bring everyone back, but may not be able to due to time restraints. We will however assume Melee cuts aren't returning, these cuts are viable options for the one new character per franchise vote.

There will only be a third-party vote for Namco. Assuming Snake, Sonic, and Megaman get in, it is doubtful they will get more than one rep each. Sakurai has said he doesn't want to over do third parties. Unless a third-party company is confirmed to be involved with Smash 4 or was involved in Brawl, we will safely assume they are out of the casting call.

We will nominate new series to be repped before voting for characters. We, as a community, will build a list of unrepped franchises for Smash. However there are rules. The series must be first-party, also the series must have been referenced by Smash at some point (trophies, stickers, assists, etc.) Smash is usually a generation behind, it's safe to assume that brand new series won't make the cut.

We will then vote on the franchises. This will include the current franchises in Smash and the new ones we nominate. I will tally the votes and pick the top 12 franchises. These will be the 12 franchises we vote for new characters for.

We will nominate characters for each franchise, then vote on them! After we vote on characters for all 12 franchises, we will add the top results of each franchise to the roster, thus completing our board-made roster!

NOMINATED FRANCHISES FOR NEW REPS (from previous voting topic):

Punch-Out!! (15 votes)
Golden Sun (13 votes)
Kid Icarus (13 votes)
Fire Emblem (12 votes)
Xenoblade (10 votes)
Metroid (10 votes)
Pokemon (9 votes)
Donkey Kong (9 votes)
Mario (7 votes)
Namco (7 votes)
Chibi Robo (6 votes)
Sin&Punishment (5 votes)

In this topic: we nominate new reps for each of the above franchises

You're allowed to nominate ONE NEWCOMER per franchise however you don't have to contribute a character for EVERY franchise. Obviously certain franchises have a small character pool to choose from.

This is NOT a vote, this is simply nominations for the votes that will happen later.

(I will end the nominations around 6pm EST on 7/17) | |
[[ PSN / WiiU / Steam: Austin_4e ]]

User Info: SonicRecords

4 years ago#2
Little Mac
Dark Samus
Funky Kong
Saki Amamiya
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User Info: Luigifan18

4 years ago#3
Main Nominations

Mario: Bowser Jr. (One of the big three I want to see get into the Smash series, the other two being Krystal and Bomberman)
Donkey Kong: King K. Rool
Pokemon: Corsola
Metroid: Ridley
Fire Emblem: Hector
Kid Icarus: Palutena (Simply because I can't think of anyone else...)
Namco: Emil (Yes, from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World... What? Namco produces the Tales series! And let's be honest, how in God's name would Pac-man fit into the Smash series?!? At least Emil could work as a summoner-type character!)
Golden Sun: Issac

Honorable Mentions

Pokemon: Mewtwo, Blaziken (Both very workable characters, except that their niches are already filled by Lucario and Falco/Captain Falcon, respectively)
Fire Emblem: Michaiah (didn't get my vote only because of redundancy; namely, she'd be too similar to Zelda and Palutena)
Kid Icarus: Magnus (The only way I see him getting in is if Ike gets cut, because Magnus would be a perfect candidate to inherit Ike's moveset and a very poor candidate to get any other moveset)
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User Info: sylawatch

4 years ago#4
Punch-Out!! (Little Mac)
Kid Icarus (Palutena)
Fire Emblem (Owain)
Xenoblade (Shulk)
Metroid (Ridley)
Mario (Toad)
Owain, Ashley, Toad, Ridley, Vaati, Rosalina, and Paper Mario For Smash Baby!.....

User Info: sterlingtyger

4 years ago#5
Little Mac
Dixie Kong

are my noms.

User Info: Austin_4e

4 years ago#6
Luigifan18 posted...
Pokemon: Corsola (I wanted to nominate Mewtwo and Blaziken as well, but rules are rules...)

I understand but that rule exists for the sake of not being extremely overwhelmed by nominations. I have to keep track of all of these in a vote later, and I'll probably have to do a different vote for each franchise depending on the number of nominations. | |
[[ PSN / WiiU / Steam: Austin_4e ]]

User Info: Blade_of_Bros

4 years ago#7
Fire Emblem: Micaiah
Kid Icarus: Palutena
Mario: Paper Mario
Xenoblade: Shulk
Golden Sun: Isaac
Pokemon: Mewtwo (If Normal Mewtwo is eligible, if not, then Generation 6 Awakened Forme)
Metroid: Ridley
Namco: Nightmare (Just for fun)

User Info: Austin_4e

4 years ago#8
Punch-Out!! (Little Mac)
Golden Sun (Isaac)
Kid Icarus (Palutena)
Fire Emblem (Chrom)
Xenoblade (Shulk)
Metroid (Ridley)
Pokemon (Mewtwo)
Donkey Kong (King K. Rool)
Mario (Paper Mario)
Namco (PacMan)
Chibi Robo (Robo)
Sin&Punishment (Saki)

My nominations, just to make sure every franchise at least receives one. | |
[[ PSN / WiiU / Steam: Austin_4e ]]

User Info: dancing_cactuar

4 years ago#9
Little Mac (Punch Out)
Issac (Golden Sun)
Lucina (Fire Emblem)
Shulk (Xenoblade)
Dark Samus (Metroid)
Mewtwo (Awakened form if normal Mewtwo's not OK) (Pokemon)
Fawful (Mario)
Lloyd (Namco, Tales of Symphonia)
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User Info: Havic101

4 years ago#10
Kid Icarus: Palutena
Fire Emblem: Micaiah
Golden Sun: Isaac
Namco: Cress Albane (Tales of Phantasia, SNES)

Luigifan18 posted...
Fire Emblem: Michaiah (didn't get my vote only because of redundancy; namely, she'd be too similar to Zelda and Palutena)

Isn't this the same as that "All sword users are going to fight the same way," argument. =__=
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  3. Let's build an SSB4 roster together! **character nominations!!**

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