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User Info: Scorpion122178

4 years ago#31
Like I've said before any roster with Ridley King K. Rool and Mewtwo gets high marks from me. I'd add that Goddess from Pit's series though, cut Luke or ROB in favor of her.
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User Info: rudi1505

4 years ago#32
That's imo the best roster on here. I love it.

+Reasonable size
+Ridley, King K. Rool, Bowser Jr., Shulk, Isaac, Little Mac, Mewtwo
+The only cuts I've noticed are Lucas and Wolf (both of which I don't really care for)
+Keeping characters many others don't include in their rosters like Shiek, Lucario, Ike, Sonic, Pokemon Trainer
+Even though I don't care for the following characters, they are widely requested and I'm sure many fans will be happy: Chrom, Dixie, Waluigi and 6th Gen Pokemon
+No obscure choices

I miss Krystal, Palutena, Takamaru and a second rep from F-Zero, but the positive aspects clearly outweigh my complaints.

User Info: Austin_4e

4 years ago#33
No Palutena, no Saki, no Takamaru, no Lip, random cuts but keep Link clones

Don't like it. | |
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User Info: SaikyoBro

4 years ago#34
Not bad, but I think you have a few too many Mario and DK characters.

User Info: rudi1505

4 years ago#35
Austin_4e posted...
No Palutena, no Saki, no Takamaru, no Lip, random cuts but keep Link clones

Don't like it.

I agree with Takamaru, Palutena and Saki, but...

Random cuts? The only ones I've noticed are Wolf and Lucas and they are not random at all.. He kept the Link clone because The Legend of Zelda would have fewer reps than DK. (Unless he's adding anyone else from the TLoZ-Universe, but what serious and not controversial characters could he possibly add?)

And how many rosters do seriously include Lip?

User Info: squirrel_boy

4 years ago#36
I really like it, but it seems way too big to be likely. Also i would add another f zero rep

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