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A roster.

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User Info: Sheikahchu

4 years ago#1

This is a roster I put together that I think is the consensus of what Nintendo would do, what people generally want, what is possible, and what is reasonable. Before you ask questions, I'll defend each addition/change I made and a few defenses on why your favorite character was NOT included.

+Bowser Jr.
Mario is a huge franchise, to be totally honest. Mario's had 5 reps before, with Dr. Mario, and it deserves it. Bowser Jr. is a logical choice because he's been a major reappearing character ever since his first appearance in Super Mario Sunshine. His moveset can be very versatile, like a lighter, flippier Bowser, but not a clone. His final smash could be Mecha Bowser.

+Dixie Kong
Dixie Kong has been a recurring character in Donkey Kong for a long time. With Tropical Freeze coming out, with she being a main character, she's developed even more relevance. Her moveset does NOT have to be a Diddy Kong. Dixie's known for using her hair, which Diddy doesn't bring to the table.

+King K. Rool
Donkey Kong is deserving of 4 reps, I think. Who better than the series' major villain? K. Rool may not have made an appearance since 2008, but Smash isn't always super up-to-date anyway. K. Rool would probably be similar to Bowser, but his moves can definitely vary.

Sheik is irrelevant. I was surprised she was kept in Brawl. Sheik is only associated with the Zelda in Ocarina of Time, which is years old. However, Impa is similar in that she IS a Sheikah and has magic along with her. She has been an active character ever since the first Zelda, and Skyward Sword has given her much more relevance lately.

Just like Sheik, Lucario is irrelevant. Although he is quite popular, he's no longer needed. Now that Mewtwo has a new movie and a new form that can represent the 6th generation of Pokemon, he's brought back. Let him do the Down-B transform between forms.

Fire Emblem has really grown as a franchise, and Awakening is one of the bestselling Fire Emblem games out there. Chrom is the obvious choice for a new Fire Emblem character, not only to promote the most recent game, but to satisfy its fans.

Did you notice that Pit was revealed with the E3 reveal? This brings Kid Icarus to a new level of Smash. For a second rep, Palutena is the first choice. She's been active in all of the Kid Icarus titles, and has proven to have genuine fighting capabilities.

Judging from the fact that Olimar was not shown having the new Pikmin, and based on the success of Pikmin 3, A second rep for Pikmin is likely. Nintendo, I'm sure, has a lot of faith in the Pikmin franchise, especially after Pikmin 3 sales. Alph is just my choice for a Pikmin 3 rep. He'd be similar to Olimar, yes, but he could be made non-cloned.

+Isaac, +Little Mac
After being ATs in Brawl, it's clear Nintendo hasn't forgotten Isaac and the Golden Sun series, nor Punch-Out!!. Isaac and Little Mac can both be easily implemented as playable characters.

Sakurai has shown much interest in retro characters, and with Takamaru even having a mini-game in NintendoLand, it's clear Nintendo as a whole sees potential in this character. Being a samurai, his moveset wouldn't be too hard to come up with.

I know no one wants this to happen. But Nintendo has been pushing the uses of Miis recently, and with Wii Fit Trainer opening that realm of Nintendo material, it's clear that Miis aren't that big of a leap.

I don't really want this one, personally. But Namco IS involved in development of Smash 4, and Nintendo has done Pac-Man stuff before. It's not impossible.

Why I DIDN'T have your character:

>Ridley: Straight up. He's too big. I'm sorry.
>The List of "Not Important Enough to the Series"

User Info: Shurikono

4 years ago#2
DKC doesn't need two newcomers, it also makes your roster too big, you should cut atleast 5 characters.

Bowser isn't prominent enough to warrant another form (read: smaller, faster and more agile Bowser clone).

Mario got a clone in Melee. Dr. Mario was a cheap and easy late addition clone. Same goes for Link and Young Link. They are the stars of their games though, two of Nintendo's biggest icons, what makes you believe that Bowser has enough credit to warrant another Bowser character? He is basically Bowser's son. Its different than adding new Kong members.
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User Info: Sheikahchu

4 years ago#3
Bump? I don't mean to be pesty, but I'd just like some more comments on this.

User Info: frostcranberry

4 years ago#4
Ridley argument is not good.

User Info: PT_Piranha

4 years ago#5
Since they're not using Skyward Sword Link, it's not too likely they'll use Skyward Sword Zelda, so they'll probably just have a Zelda reminiscent of a different game, and have her transform into Sheik. So Impa is unneeded.

And as cool as it would be, I think Bowser Jr. and K. Rool are probably stretching their series.

But it's not up to me.

Roster's okay I suppose.
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User Info: AdmiralZephyr

4 years ago#6
I disagree with some of the inclusions, but overall it's not bad. I'd take it. And I agreed with your reasoning for leaving out and including characters until you used that stupid "Ridley is too big" argument while you have K. Rool on your roster.
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User Info: PT_Piranha

4 years ago#7
By the way, who cares if a character is too old and thereby irrelevant? Sakurai was willing to pull the Ice Climbers out of the ether, surely he could get away with using an old character from a series that has much more acclaim.
Remember, don't take video games too seriously- Plenty of GameFAQs users will do that for you.
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User Info: SaikyoBro

4 years ago#8
Actually a perfectly nice and reasonable roster. I think 50 characters might be a bit on the high side, but I like all of your additions. The only thing I'm not sold on is a second Pikmin rep (definitely possible, I'm just not sure about it) and Mario and Zelda both having 5 characters while Pokemon only has 4. Other than those things, I'd probably give it a 8.5/10.

User Info: SushiCake3644

4 years ago#9
Olimar is the size of a quarter, so size doesn't matter.
Also, needs more Toad.
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User Info: Dinoman96

4 years ago#10
i like pikmin but i don't agree with alph's inclusion at all. thing is, alph and the other captains + loulie and the president don't really offer anything that olimar already doesn't. they all summon pikmin and throw them at things. yeah i know olimar so far hasn't been seen with the rock and flying pikmin so far, but does a mere two pikmin types really warrant a new character here?
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