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I have some new information regarding Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS. (2)

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User Info: InfiniteGTX

4 years ago#1
Previously, I made a post on this board containing some new information I learned from a close friend in the know: am posting this here as to make it easier on you fellas to keep track of what's been said.) I promised that any new information I get I would share with you guys. Although I don't expect to be consistently fed information, as my friend and I rarely keep in touch, I managed to arrange a Skype call with him today, and I have some news.

Apparently the development team was just very recently given the go to start work on Mewtwo. Concept designs involve both his original and Awakened forms, the latter of which not being set as his Final Smash, contrary to popular speculation. (Right now, they are throwing around the idea of Psystrike being his Final Smash--a single-targeting attack.) Changing forms will not alter his moveset but rather his speed, weight, mobility, and damage. This concept is not finalized, as the development team is still seeking approval/counsel from GameFreak.

My friend finished our discussion on Mewtwo by saying, "His inclusion has nothing to do with Lucario being a playable character." I took that to mean that Lucario will be a returning character, despite both his and Mewtwo's neutral specials being the same. In hindsight, I probably should have nudged for some definite in-or-out clarification, but from the way things sound, Lucario will most likely stay for the new game.

Considering all of this, I asked if he could help me try and prove my credibility to you fellas. I thought a good way to do this would be for him to tell me the upcoming Miiverse photo to be revealed by Sakurai, but he said that Sakurai usually takes the photos the night before or the morning of, and so it usually cannot be predicted. Character updates, however, are all planned ahead of time: he said that a Pokemon representative would be the next character update on the Smash Bros. website. For some reason, he wouldn't tell me who, which leads me to believe that it is neither Lucario nor Mewtwo who will be the upcoming reveal. "Just wait and see!"

That's all that I have for the time being. As I mentioned beforehand, I'm not expecting to learn more on a frequent basis, but whenever I do manage to get a slice of information here and there, I will be sure to post. Like before, I will not be making any replies, because I know how posts like this are viewed in these kinds of communities.

User Info: PT_Piranha

4 years ago#2
Yeah right...
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User Info: raazychx

4 years ago#3
Will be watching and waiting to see if the info matches up to the future.

User Info: Austin_4e

4 years ago#4
*saving for if Pokemon rep is confirmed next* | |
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User Info: MooglePeru

4 years ago#5
But what if freaking Mewtwo is revealed next?
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User Info: terminacarnival

4 years ago#6
Something to consider.
Not sure if I believe you or not.
we just have to wait and see

User Info: Enyalb

4 years ago#7
Well Pokémon X and Y is on it's way, and Olimar getting confirmed by Pikmin 3 coming out in Japan so... Yeah, that is a good prediction.
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User Info: _Super_Shadow_

4 years ago#8
I really dont care if this is fake or not, I absolutely love the idea of Mewtwo switching formes and changing how he moves, and feels over his moveset.

I wouldnt honestly like it more if they just made two as alternate costumes ( giving the awakened form a female voice, faster but weaker, and giving the regular form, an slower, stronger version with a male voice. )

Fingers crossed,

this all sounds perfect, especially Lucario not being cut.

And I was hoping for them to reveal another pokemon, zelda, or yoshi next.
So im just going to have my fingers crossed, based solely on the fact that I want this stuff to be true.
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User Info: EvosthunderMkII

4 years ago#9
Very believable.
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User Info: Totes-My-Boats

4 years ago#10
Fake or not, I love reading this stuff. Guess we'll see if it matches up to what actually happens.
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